Anyone using Novation Automap with Cubase 7 or higher?

Discussion in 'Recording Studio' started by illimmigrant, Nov 14, 2014.

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    I am curious to see if anyone is using a Novation MIDI controller with Automap and Cubase 7 or higher succesfully.
    I have Automap 4.8 on my mid 2011 imac running OSX10.9.something (latest update prior to Yosemite) with Cubase 7.5.3.
    Although it controls plugin parameters the way it should, having Automap causes audio dropout issues for me. You'll see the vst performance light go red monetarily and cut out sound. This happens while recording and playing audio back. It even happens on a blank session with no tracks or plugins enabled. As soon as I uninstall Automap, all problems go away. I even record with a buffer size of 64 with no issues when I uninstall automap.

    So is anyone having a good experience with Automap and Cubase? Any idea what could be causing the issue?


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