anyone have both DCM100 and 2027XL?

Discussion in 'Sevenstring Guitars' started by soldierkahn, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. soldierkahn

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    does anyone happen to have both a DCM100 and a RG2027XL/XLS? When remembering how the DCM100 felt while i had it, I remember the neck being super comfy despite it being 2mm wider at the heel than the 1077XL did ( I use the 1077XL neck as my example of "perfection" and compare every neck i play with it). Now that I have the XLS, it feels like its wider than the DCM100 (not a HUGE problem, but noticeable) neck but since I dont have them both here at the same time its hard to judge.

    so heres my question, for those that have both models, could you possibly take like 2 minutes to evaluate them both for me? I remember the DCM being more comfortable to play but that could also be from the modified RGD shape its body has. Reason I reference it (DCM) so much is in the event that the XLS isnt going to stay, I want to get a "known good" 7 before experimenting with other 7s. The only "known goods' that were perfect when I played them was the DCM100 and RG1077XL, so if indeed the DCM neck is identical to the current 2027XL, it would definitely influence whether to get it or the 1077XL

    thank you in advance guys and gals. i would ask Nick from AP since I know hes at least got access to both models, but I already ask way too much of him as it is
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    not sure if it helps, I have the DCM100 and a S5527fx Prestige.

    I love both machines, however despite the S has a 25.5" and the DCM 26.5". I like more how the DCM neck feels, I feel it more comfortable than the 25.5" of the prestige.
  3. Vyn

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    Apr 30, 2010
    Haven't got the DCM, however have 2 2027XLs and have played a few of the Prestige RGD 7's lately. The neck thickness/width felt identical, just a difference in scale length. Does the DCM100 have a unique profile on it or something?

    Also haven't played may of the older 66mm neck Ibanez 7s so can't comment on those.
  4. jephjacques

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    May 29, 2012
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    DCM neck is a hair thicker/rounder. Not a huge difference, but I did notice when I picked one up in a shop.

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