Adding an acoustic under saddle piezo to electric bridge?

Discussion in 'Pickups, Electronics & General Tech' started by Vrollin, Sep 24, 2015.

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    Apr 6, 2013
    So have been toying with the idea of a piezo system for one of my guitars and as a result of my research came across some people on youtube who have their own DIY takes on the piezo system. Basically they are using one of two methods either using an acoustic under saddle piezo cable, mounted in the bridge or under saddles, or a piezo mic slapped behind one of the pickups.
    So I figured I may as well have a play with this and see what results I can get myself, because hey a piezo system for around $10 sounds spretty sweet and if it fails I havn't lost much. I've ordered a bendable piezo cable off fleabay, link below, and will at first wire it up to a jack externally, and plan to play around with just press fitting it into the bridge on my MMM1 and seeing how it goes, if it works the plan will be to route a small channel under the bridge and permanently mount it in there having my output switchable from magnetic to piezo.
    Is the anyone else who has played around with this before? Did it work/fail? Any tips or ideas?
    Pretty pumped to give this a go. :agreed:
    Bendable Piezo Cable Under Saddle Pickup FOR Acoustic Guitar EQ | eBay
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    ... perto de onde a terra acaba e o mar come├ža...
    Well, I can't help you on that, I went the Graphtech way on my guitars... if that fails, this is a sure path, but a bit more expensive...

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