Acquiring a Blackmachine guitar?

Discussion in 'Beginners/FAQ' started by Cobhc221, Dec 12, 2013.

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    An ash Daemoness with a rosewood board + headstock? I'd buy that - that'd probably look great. The problem is that that's hardly a discount over a custom order. At $2500? Game on.

    What's sad is that Feline already offers that. You take his guitar, shape it like a B6, slap the blackmachine plate on the back...$6k on ebay. Badge it as a Feline, no sale.
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    And yet - get a chance to play one of our guitars and you'll maybe change your stance on that.

    The waiting list looks like it's growing because we get new enquiries every day - sometimes a whole bunch of them if we get mentions from Guitar porn or Bare Knuckle etc.

    Many people wait patiently on the list knowing that a turn may come up sooner than they expect because someone else wasn't ready to make a purchase when the next batch came round (life can get in the way with unforeseen expenses that prevent guitar buying), so don't always let the promise of a long wait put you off.

    We intend to try to make 20-25 B6s in a year, and build them with a lot of care.Trying to make many more than that would mean it would be hard to treat each one as an individual that we will pour our heart and soul into making as good as it can be, and that would be unacceptable to me (and certainly to Doug).
    I choose to make guitars in a way that means I enjoy making them and feeling like I'm on a production line is not the way for me to feel a passion for the work, or the way for me to impart some loving care to each instrument.

    I am more active on social media than Doug, but I do have to be careful sometimes as it can become way too time consuming. I sometimes struggle with a barrage of email, and often face the tough decision of choosing to either talk about guitars or build them, and usually the building wins out.

    So I may not be the best correspondent as far as email goes , (even though I am a talkative soul), and often getting a reply from me takes a while, but bear with me if waiting on a reply.
    I got into guitar making to be a luthier, and not a secretary, and sometimes it gets a bit frustrating getting the balance right:wallbash:

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