FS Abasi Pathos Overdrive Distortion Pedal Wampler

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    Aug 3, 2009
    I'm selling my Abasi/Wampler Pathos Pedal. Its in mint condition.

    Description of gear/guitar: Abasi Pathos
    Condition: mint
    Modifications: no
    Accessories (hardshell case etc): bag
    Location (City,,Country): Magdeburg, Germany
    National shipping: 5 EUR
    International shipping: yes (request fees for your country)
    Contact Info: pm me here
    References: headbw on ebay
    Price: 155,- Euro (obo)

    3A8D60DA-2FFC-4D05-A4A1-4AA9EAB078F3.jpeg A616E63B-C5FE-4B36-9FA1-30CDBE4AD9DD.jpeg 57AA6EE7-9AEB-4A9E-B716-CB542752F653.jpeg F3CFC6B1-70A3-46DB-A78A-C42C1D8BB7BA.jpeg

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