7 string neck single coil dilemma: steel poled vs alnico vs fillister poles?

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    I have a question for the PU experts of this forum - I have a custom guitar on order which will have black & gold hardware theme. I wanted the pickups (the config is H-S) to have black bobbins and gold pole pieces to match the overall aesthetic of the guitar but for some reason many of the companies I contacted said it's not a problem to get gold pole pieces for the humbucker but they can't do it for the single coil.

    I did have luck with one company tho, but the owner gave me a few options to execute my wish which I do not understand completely:

    1. Gold plated alnico poled single coil (but with a hefty upcharge, because the company he uses does a 100$ order minimum)
    2. Gold plated steel poled single coil - no upcharge but a different sound to your 'normal' single coil. He described it as more a p90 than a strat single coil.
    3. Gold fillister poled sinlge coil - also no upcharge but also a different sound - he says halfway between a p90 and a strat

    As this is the first time I even heard of pole options other than alnico or ceramic my question is if anyone has any experience with either steel or fillister poled pickups (especially single coils) and could explain their different sound (and pros&cons) to me :)

    What would you choose if you had this dilemma? It will be a 7 string 26' scale, aimed at prog metal and rock (tuned B standard)

    Thanks :hbang:
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    I think options 2 and 3 would use a bar magnet under the pickup. It'd be constructed like the Dimarzio Blaze single coil. What would it sound like? Probably whatever the builder wanted it to sound like. The type of wire, length of wire, and the magnet type will all have an impact.

    To me, and extra $100 on a full custom is annoying but I'd do it just to get what I actually wanted, if you want a traditional single coil.

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