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Jan 10, 2011
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New Jersey
Looking for a metal/rock guitarist between the ages of 21-45 to learn and play parts for live shows.


1. Must play (and own) a 7 string (this is preferable, but if you play a 6 string, please be able to use different tunings as our stuff is originally written on a 7 string which is tuned down another half step.)
2. Must play the metal/rock genre
3. Must be able to learn parts that are already written (we will provide guitar and full tracks for your listening and learning)
3. Must have reliable transportation
4. Must be available for practice once a week (maybe more) when getting close to a show
5. Must like to head-bang as we will be doing this in unison

A Little About Us:

We are an original symphonic rock/metal band currently working on a full-length album. Everything is already written. Recording as well as mixing is in progress. We will book shows in the upcoming year in order to promote this music and will need a guitarist pretty much for shows only. However, you WILL be a part of this band inside and out. Your involvement will be crucial as 'live shows' is where our hearts are!

You can hear our first original song here: | official website of LUMINIS : Music

P.S. This band is not a new band, but our goals have changed over the past few months. We've already played lots of shows over the years but are now focusing on creating OUR sound and getting our new stuff out there for the world to hear!


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Mar 19, 2010
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New Jersey
What part of new jersey are you in? I can't see in the website

EDIT: nevermind I found you guys. It's just a bit too far for me. Good luck, you guys are pretty good