212ob + 8 string?!

Discussion in 'Gear & Equipment' started by gregmarx7, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    Hey guys,
    My bass player and I are updating our rigs for playing shows this summer. Right now I am using an rg2228 tuned to drop A with a low E. My amp is an Axe Fx standard into a Mesa 2:90 into an Orange 212 open back. I haven't played in a band setting with this cab and 8 string yet. Will it be sufficient for playing shows? And will it be tight enough? How about if I made a panel to seal the back of it? Or will I have to upgrade to a 4x12?

    If it will work, my bass player can get his new Dingwall Combustion. :hbang:
  2. xchristopherx

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    Feb 24, 2010
    Depends on the band and drummer, and club setting. A 212 should be able to more than keep up with a drummer for all sorts of music types. Personally though, I am really into having enough power to play without foh assistance. I've got a 412 and a 212. I play groove heavy hardcore. Not so much djent as it is groove heavy. If your not looking to rip people's faces off, the 212 should be fine,especially if you're mic'd up. However, trying to fill a hall like a KOC or Legion isn't going to work out with only two 12s competing with bass and drums. Some guys on here will tell you that your drummer should play softer. Not realistic IMHO.

    Rent a space for a night and jam at gig volume, and see how it holds up? Good luck man.
  3. Philligan

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    If you're getting mic'd it will definitely be enough.

    I'd definitely build a baffle to seal the back though, it will tighten the low end and push more air out the front of the cab.
  4. Baelzebeard

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    Dec 12, 2011
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    I have a 2x12 open back cabinet, and I find it totally unsuited to low tuning. It even sounds too loose for me with B standard tuning unless using a crystal clear clean tone. YMMV as tone is totally subjective.

    I would close up the back and try it if you feel the low end is too loose for your taste.

    A 2x12 should be plenty loud unless you're playing outdoor festivals with no PA.

    Have a fun summer playing:shred:

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