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Aug 3, 2005
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In celebration of our 10,000th Facebook "like", I'd like to offer you guys a special 17% off coupon code to use on our website. The code is "FB10K". This applies mainly to in stock guitars and amps. Very limited time offer, some exclusions apply. Also checkout our clearance section, where some things are 20-25% off. For more info visit www.axepalace.com, and spread the word!

New guitars and amps roll in every day, so keep checking the website's new arrival section to see what comes in. Lots of 7 and 8-strings as well. If you have any questions feel free to call 508-921-9973, PM me on here, or email us via our website.

Brands you can find on our website include:

Amps - Mesa/Boogie, ENGL, Diamond, PRS, Orange, Rhodes/KSR, Rivera, Diezel, Kemper, Hughes & Kettner, Splawn, Taurus, Framus

Guitars - Charvel USA, Dean USA, ESP USA, ESP Japan, Flaxwood, Framus Germany, G&L USA, Ibanez, Jackson USA/CS, Mayones, Music Man, Parker, PRS, Schecter USA/Masterworks, Vigier, Warwick