1. wootsmitty

    Selfie Breakout box for RME HDSP AIO??

    So, I have a RME HDSP AIO: RME: HDSPe AIO Its a great card, but unfortunately RME doesn't make a breakout box for it. I have the balanced breakout cable, but its kind of a pain in the ass reaching behind my 40000 pound rig every time I hook up. Since RME doesn't make a box, I figured I could...
  2. neurosis

    Apogee ONE XLR and Laney Ironheart Studio

    Maybe this is a complete self-explanatory thing but I am reading on it and can't wrap my head around it. Can the XLR out on the Ironheart Studio be plugged directly into the XLR in on the Apogee one without damaging either one of the two? If any of you is so kind to respond could you point...
  3. Dommak89

    Connect Axe-Fx (Std.) to Saffire Pro 24

    Hi there, I was wondering how to connect my Axe-Fx properly to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 24. Since I only hat XLR-cables around, I connected it to the front panel (xlr/instrument-input). (By the way how do you call the input for the usual instruments (6,3 mm)? I don't have the English name for...
  4. Y

    /FS M-Audio Firewire solo recording interface

    The above item features an XLR input for mic recording, and a jack input for recording guitar. There is also S/PDIF in's and unbalanced stereo in's/ out's round back. Also there are monitor outs and headphone outs. I'd be willing to trade for a Edirol UA 25 interface or something similar...