1. flint757

    Help Wiring Up a Super Switch

    Super switch: I have 3 pickups in an HSS setup. The Humbucker is braided 2 wire. First things first I'm trying to set it up in: Bridge Neck, Middle (middle is reverse wound) and Bridge Middle Middle and Neck Neck I'm pretty sure I can't do this with a standard switch or...
  2. S

    Help regarding BKP wiring...

    Hey guys, first post in here, yay. I'm playing an RGA8 and for the first time ever I thought I might swap out the pups for some nicer BK Aftermath pups for neck and bridge. Standard pickups in the RGA8 are active, Aftermath Pickups are passive so I kind of removed all components except the...
  3. A

    9V battery does not supply power to pickups?

    Hi, I posted a thread yesterday which essentially explains that my new guitar with active pickups is working horribly. It makes a very quiet sound, even when I maximize the amp volume and it doesn't have hardly and gain/distortion. :wallbash::realmad::scream...
  4. K

    EBMM JP6 Switch/wiring issues.

    Ok so I got a JP6 in a deal and it rules, but the switches are both messed up. All wiring and connections are fine, but the switches won't allow me to run the neck pickup by itself or the piezo by itself, but I know the piezo and the neck pickup aren't blown because they will each run in...
  5. R

    GUITAR TECHS HELP! piezo is messed up on craigslist deal

    just bought this beautiful ernie ball music man john petrucci 7 and the piezo switch is messed up, it was like falling within itself so i took off the back plate and some random stuff along with the switch fell out, can someone PLEASE help me fix this i just spend all my $ on it. thankyouuuuu
  6. C

    Rg927 Wiring Options

    So, I installed a Liquifire and a D-Activator recently and wired them up exactly like the guitar came. 1. Neck 2. Neck (Parallel) 3. Bridge and Neck 4. Inner Coils 5. Bridge Does anyone know if there is a diagram that will allow me to have 5 positions of single coil options as well? Something...
  7. T

    Why use 2 identical pickups?

    This may very well make me look like an imbecile, but here goes nothing: I'm looking into getting an 8 string guitar, but I have one burning question regarding the pickups; why on earth would you use two identical ones in the same guitar? For example, why would you have two EMG 808X...
  8. synrgy

    Noisy Rig; Soliciting Suggestions

    Djentlemen and Ladies, I'm playing in a band again! Super stoked, and it's going very well. However, I'm experiencing some serious noise issues with my amp/rig. I recently acquired a Boss NS-2 in an attempt to address the issue with only so-so results, but I'm not sure if I have my pedals...
  9. nowhere

    Question about Petrucci wiring - is it worth the trouble?

    Hello people, I just installed the petrucci pickup set on my S7420, and at the moment it works with the traditional ibanez 5way pickup selector. I've been considering removing the tone control and installing there a 3way selector, on which i could do the petrucci wiring. (and tape the current...
  10. iPat

    Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat- Wiring and Grounding Problem

    Hey guys, I got a set of Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat 7´s a few days ago but I can´t install them properly. I´ve searched the forum...I´ve looked up many wiring diagrams and other websites...but with no success. My problem is basically the wiring I guess. I put the BK´s in my LTD SC-207, which...
  11. ChrispyFinch

    Bad tone pot, leads to rewiring. help.

    Alright so not to long ago I posted a NGD, a 7620 from a CL deal. Turns out the tone pot is bad, example: when rolling the tone knob down from 10 to 0 I lose volume signal. When tone knob is set to 1 the volume is super weak, if I jangle the knob it'll break in and out of a louder volume...
  12. D

    Help with setup/wiring for rack and pedals.

    I recently started building my rack and I'm pretty new to the whole thing. So I need some insight on how to setup my rig, what order everything goes in and what I will need. Using as much detail as possible would be greatly appreciated. This is what my rig consists of. 6u SKB Case...
  13. oliviergus

    Old wiring problem

    Hey! Its been a while since I posted about this problem, some of you might even remember it haha. Long story short: I contacted my local music shop about making a active to passive switch, and they said it was fine. So I ordered a BKP aftermath bridge and a cold sweat neck, I left my guitar...
  14. G

    Hum/Buzz..Possible grounding issue?

    Hey guys, so I recently took out and reinstalled (just for practice at wiring) a hum/singl/singl set in a Godin exit22. I took it to a tech who said I had done an okay wiring job and I played it there and sounded fine. Once I got home, I started messing with the volume and tone knobs because I...
  15. Brndn

    2HB, 3way, Vol, Tone, Master coil split + 'suhr blower', what am I doing wrong?

    Okay so I'm attempting to wire up my Agile with some 4-conductor passives (old DiMarzios I had kicking around if you must know), but I want to introduce a master coil split (i.e. one knob splits both pickups) and a Suhr-style "blower" switch (i.e. bridge pickup -> output jack). My issue is...
  16. W

    How hard is it to pull all the active stuff out of a Ibby RGA8?

    Plan on buying a dimarzio d-active 8 and dimarzio paf 8 because fuck actives (Atleast the stock ones) and I want to know is there anything I should be wary of when I pull them soon. Also how does everyone like the d-active 8's and paf-8's?
  17. M

    A hum different than any other

    so i re wired my guitar to replace pickups, and ussually when you have hum, its because of grounding, so when you touch something metal it uses your body as a ground and goes away, i have the opposite problem, when i am not touching the input jack or any other metal, there is a slight hum, but...
  18. V

    Low power and gain after updated to DiMarzio CL & LF

    Hi guys, today I updated my Schecter 7 strings by replacing stock pickups with two DiMarzio, Crunch Lab 7 in bridge position and Liquifire 7 at neck. I followed two different wiring schemas available on the dimarzio website. The first one is the John Petrucci schema...
  19. wootsmitty

    EMG 808X Wiring Help!

    Hey guys, I just got my Axe Fx 2 in the mail the other day and for the first time I was able to test the RGA8 I just recently reconstructed. I put EMG 808x in the bridge and neck, used the original Ibanez long threaded jack, 3 way switch, and used the included emg volume and tone knobs in place...
  20. H

    DiMarzio CL/LF wiring diagram?

    I can´t find a proper diagram for my Schecter Hellraiser C-7. I´m going to have CL and LF both splitted with 2 DiMarzio EP1201PP pots, 3-way switch, jack and a killswitch.