1. neurosis

    Can you help diagnose ground noise in my wiring?

    Hi all, yesterday I replaced the wiring in my guitar. I put a push pull Tone and a new Volume from Bourns in it. I used the available on/on/on mini toggle from ESP. I have all grounds connected to a ring. One from each pickup, one from the bridge, one from the output jack and one from each...
  2. D

    [Wiring] Emg Solderless + Gainboost

    I have a solderless passive EMG pickup (h2) and an ESP mm-04 gainbooster. Is it possible to wire them or do I need a solderless version instead? I also have a few old jackson j50bc's that I'd like to wire with another mm-04 - can anybody give me pointers on how to wire them properly? Thanks.
  3. Zander of Puppets

    Help with guitar buzz (grounding issue?)

    I am seeking help with a buzzing issue on my 7 string Kiesel. I think the issue may be due to grounding (or lack there of) with the floyd rose. Whenever plugged in, I get buzz unless I touch the volume/tone knobs or input jack. However the buzz does not go away when holding the strings or...
  4. Lukhas

    Can a pickup's south finish be the main Hot?

    Hello, I'm reusing parts for a guitar and as such, I'm trying to wire a pair of Roswell HAF pickups onto an Ibanez 3SWLSC switch. I need a simple sanity check: the main out for those pickups is the green wire; however it's pretty clearly stated on the product page that it's an End and not a...
  5. A

    Could I get a working wiring diagram for this guitar?

    I want to make a disclaimer that I know nothing about wiring guitars. I plan to learn with a new guitar kit that I'm going to buy soon, but for now I am paying someone else to do it for me because it's an extremely complicated job. Anyway. I tried to get my guitar set up with a luthier who is...
  6. Reinholderx

    Problems wiring a CTS push pull pot

    I've been trying to install a push pull pot (to replace a regular pot) and I'm clearly doing some wrong. Currently, if I plug in, I get a loud hum and but no sound from the guitar. The pickups are bareknuckles and I was following this diagram...
  7. FruitCakeRonin

    Possibly strange wiring in new RGD2127z

    Hello. I just bought an Ibanez RGD2127z today, and since I am going to change the pickups at some point, I decided to take a look at the electronics when I got home. The guitar still has the original V77 and V87 installed, and I dont think the cavity plates have ever been removed. The wiring...
  8. M

    Messed up input jack wiring

    https://imgur.com/gallery/SEdC5A2 I know pretty much nothing about wiring, but I suspect the wiring to the input jack isn't supposed to look like this, and it's probably the reason why no sound is coming from my pickups. Is the fix simply soldering the disconnected wire to the post? Thanks.
  9. SlipknotKoRnfan

    Ibanez JPM Wiring Struggles.

    I'm not sure whats going on with me lately but every time i seem to work on a guitar these days theres an issue lol. Im wiring up my friend's JPM100 P2 to stock configuration. For the life of me, I CANNOT get it to work properly. Im very proficient at soldering and have great equipment. And I...
  10. Brandon Levitt

    Slight hum in my EMG pickups. Help a fella out.

    Okay. I'm a bit of a noob with this. I have a Schecter 007 Elite. I put EMG 707tws in it. That was a journey all on its own, I digress. So, i wire it perfectly as shown in the diagram. I figured out a spot for the battery and that. Then I noticed a black wire coming from inside my guitar. It's...
  11. OceanTemple

    Where to buy banez wiring kits? (UK/ europe)

    Hey guys, I want to re do the wiring in my K7. I got it 2nd hand and the previous owner did a bunch of mods, including routing a hole for a tone pot which is cool, but they did a weird job of the electronics. The guitar also needs a new 3 way pickup selector as no ammount of contact cleaner is...
  12. xxCAGExx

    Ibanez GRG 7221M Soldering Help

    Great feeling guitar but poorly constructed. First the nut fell off after 2 days of play. Then while playing for some friends, I was adjusting the volume knob and it literally grabbed, tangled and snapped all of my wiring simultaneously. I have the necessary tools to solder this back but...
  13. Fulgrim

    Bonkers HHH wiring scheme - assistance needed

    Hey team, long-time lurker but very seldom poster poking my head up. It’s pickup swap time for my baritone partscaster strat and I’ve run into a dead end. It’s currently wired in an HSS format with a three-way blade switch and a two-way on-on switch, which gives neck, middle, and...
  14. Johan_Mane

    Need help for wiring

    Hi everyone ! I would like to put some new pickup on my guitar, but since it’s the first time I’ll do it by myself, I have some problems with how to wire everything together. So, here is a small diagram explaining how I want to setup the pickups, so, has someone a wiring diagram for me...
  15. S

    Dimarzio Pickup Wiring on Ibanez MMM1

    I picked up a used Ibanez MMM1, but the previous user had done some weird mods. They put in terrible hum buckers, and a switch to switch the phase on the pickups. Plus they added push/pull pots to coil split. And both the knobs are volume knobs. But they had wired it in a weird way where if you...
  16. _Mick_

    Oh Geez Rick, Too many wires and switches. HSH wiring help

    Hey guys! I recently picked up an immaculate Ibanez RG517 (fancy 570) in the sparkle green:agreed:. I'm currently building it up to be my girlfriends first guitar. So the plan was to have the most versatility sonically as possible. With this being said I placed an order for some custom...
  17. SickEddy

    Wiring a pickup backwards

    Hi everyone I have done a search online but cannot find much on this. I bought a guitar a while ago and it has a faulty pickup. It isnt a cheap one but it is also stuck in the guitar (100% rounded off screw). The south hot wire on the humbucker is somehow shorted with the bare wire. My...
  18. J

    Mad hatter guitar products

    Hey everyone. Been intrigued by mad hatter's solderless system for a while now and wondering if any of you have tried them. I know that Steve vai has an EVO set in his own guitar but never heard him talk about it in any intervew. Since there's not so much review/comparison of the product I...
  19. sockey007

    Dummy Coils with Humbuckers (DIagram Included)

    Hello! First post here! Through I would share my idea of an HH setup with dummy coils when splitting the pickups. Just implemented this to my Ormsby Goliath GTR 7. It's working great, but I am hoping for new/outside thoughts to possibly improve my wiring setup. I've included a sketch of the...
  20. Vince Caruana

    Pickups in 6 string ESP sounding like somethings wrong.

    I have a 6 string ESP LTD MH-1001 Deluxe and it's a great guitar. I've been having issue with it for awhile where it seems one day that my clean channel has gotten kind of harsh sounding. It sound like an old amp that's seen it's days. Kind of gainy when I have the setting pretty clean on my...