warr guitar

  1. Mwoit

    Behold The Arctopus - Cognitive Emancipation (2016, Tech, Avant-Garde, Warr Guitar)

    http://beholdthearctopus.bandcamp.com/album/cognitive-emancipation Drummer is Jason Bauers, who used to drum for Psyopus if I remember correctly. YES
  2. B

    NGD: Warr Trey Gunn Signature Series 14 string

    Hi chaps! I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my warr guitar which is a complete custom job and turned out even more beautiful than I hoped for. For those who don't know them, warr guitars are like chapman sticks in that they are mostly designed to be tapped with both hands...
  3. T

    Is a Chapman Stick/Warr Guitar suitable for metal?

    Hey guys, I really hope this is suitable for this forum as I really didn't want to join a dedicated forum. And chapman sticks/warr guitar's/whatever other makes... are really the definition of extended range instruments (not looking for an argument if people disagree with me, I mean I'm a 7...
  4. distressed_romeo

    Very informative article on Trey Gunn and the Warr guitar.

    Premier Guitar - Gunning for Warr - May 2008 - Premier Guitar magazine has the latest in guitar information and equipment along with music interviews, product reviews and much more.