volume knob

  1. Waylong

    Still getting signal on independent volume

    Hey all, sorry if this has been discussed before. I bought myself a Kramer Pacer Classic, one of the newest ones in Radio Blue. QC issues up the wazoo but, I digress. The issue is that when I only have one pickup or the other selected, I'll turn the volume for that pickup down, and unless BOTH...
  2. X

    Loose Pot On My RGD2127z

    I just picked up a pre-owned Ibanez RGD2127z the other day and noticed that the volume knob was loose. After restringing it, I popped the knob off and tightened the bolt. Simple enough. After I put the knob back on, my volume knob just spins without ever stopping. I also get no volume out of the...
  3. T

    Volume Knob not working (Like it just isn't there)

    Hello all, It is simply as if my volume knob isn't there. I have a volume knob and a tone knob total. I checked the wiring and all the soldering seems to be fine. Is it probably just a bad pot or something more? Thanks Brand new Guitar PU:emg 81-7 brg emg707-neck
  4. G

    Stripping/Sanding and Modding an RG7321

    hey guys im new here! :cool: soo ive been sanding the fuck out of my rg7321 to get it to the actual wood which im later gonna finish with tung oil. i dislike that the volume control is so close to the strings so i was thinking of filling the gap with wood filler (?) and then using the tone...