veil of maya

  1. Tjore

    The GOAT of metal drum samples (HYPE)

    Just tested out Mixwave: Gojira, and guys, these are the BEST mix ready metal drums I've ever come accross. Check the demo at the top! ^ I tweaked a little bit in the UI, added a quick EQ and a compressor (Softube's FET) on the bus, and that's it. It sounds sick! If you have been lookin at...
  2. mr95

    Veil of maya- Mikasa mix and stems

    This is a mixtest I did of Mikasa by Veil of maya. Any opinions and tips would be appreciated. If someone is interested in having stems or DI I can give them!
  3. mr95

    Veil of maya-Mikasa mix

    i did this quick mixtest of Mikasa by Veil of maya. i'm still an amateur in audio engineering,therefore I'd be glad for any critics and tips.
  4. B

    Above, Below - PARADISE (Official Lyric Video)
  5. Ramburger

    VOM Mikasa Contest Entry

    Hey guys! I saw a bunch of posts here about the Veil of Maya Mikasa cover contest and I haven't made a cover video in awhile so I decided to give it a go. I used my PRS CE22 since I just installed a pair of Juggernauts in it, and went straight into an Axe FX 2. Let me know what you guys...
  6. blade88514

    LIES OF NAZCA - "Aleph" First Album

    Hey Guys! This is the first album called "Aleph " from my band, LIES OF NAZCA: I recorded all the guitars. We recorded all stuff with a MOTU 828 MKII. Reamped, Mixed & Mastered by Brian Hood (ERRA, Sworn In ect.) This is the gear list: all guitars: LTD MHB-400 w/ BKP Aftermath...
  7. B

    Veil of Maya - Pillars cover!

    I recorded Pillars from Veil of Maya, great song Let me know what you think!
  8. BTD_Austin

    Anyone wanna mix It's Not Safe to Swim Today?

    I was bored the other day so I remade some Veil of Maya lol. I figured some of you guys might have fun mixing it so here ya go INSTST REMAKE.rar
  9. A

    Veil Of Maya cover! Check it out please!

    Me and my band covered this track as a tribute. These guys are easily one of the most inspirational bands to my music, so I felt like getting this out there! Twas really a fun song to do! Check it out! Watch in HD for better sound quality!
  10. J

    My Tsmith Custom 7

    okay so i dont really go on here much but ive seen ALOT of questions on TS guitars and not much info on them so i just wanted to share my custom with you guys and if you have any questions you can hit me up
  11. MozzoSemola94

    Veil Of Maya Mix Test

    Here's a mix test I made based on a Veil Of Maya song. Any tips would be great, thanks :wavey:
  12. J

    Veil of maya bass cover

  13. S

    Sending Artax Australia, 8 String Usage, Tech Death

    Hey dudes I posted a while back with a pre production of one of our songs "run" about using all strings on the 8 string... We are Sending Artax, Technical/Progressive(or whatever) Death metal-esque band :P From Gold Coast Australia We have just released our album Circus of Me here in...
  14. S

    Event Horizon--New release, Looking for feedback (prog metal) Just looking for some input on my most recent work. Tips on mixing would be especially helpful. There's no bass/ or vocals on the track yet so it's still a little lacking. I'm using an Agile interceptor 6 string directly into my computer with Reaper...
  15. W

    String Gauge For Drop C?

    Hey i have an esp ltd ex-401, beautiful guitar 24.75" scale currently with normal D'addario 10-46, im usually in d standard all the way down to drop b barely but in some occasions. Right now im in open tuning CDCEGD and i want a little more tension on my strings i was planning on going for...
  16. I

    Check out my Progressive/Technical metal band's new album!

    Hey everyone! I'm in a 4 piece Progressive/Technical Metal band from San Jose CA. We're called It Screamed Demise and we just released our debut album titled "Entropy." I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give us a listen and maybe consider buying the album on iTunes if you like what you...
  17. AlexQ1993

    Veil of Maya - Punisher Cover/ New Mix

    Veil of Maya - Punisher (Cover) by Alex Quaglieri on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free First time using dB Samples Uber Heavy kit. Let me know what you think. Slight EQ on the guitars. Bass sounds like shit, I know. More EQ on kick and snare. Any mixing tips are welcome.
  18. G

    Single Guitar Live Channel Switching

    Hey guys. So i've been having this question about how I would play live, as I am the only guitarist in the band, to have the effect of switching channels live from left to right? Ex: Right PA Speaker 0-0-------0-0 Left PA SPeaker -----0-0-------0-0 ... and so on Kind of like a...
  19. Prov1dence

    New to mixing, recorded a Veil of Maya song to hone my skillz

    20/200 (pre prod) by Cody Nygard on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free Alright so my reasons for making this today are twofold. 1.) This song is fucking sweet, so I wanted to cover it and 2.) I'm looking to majorly hone my mixing skills. I need your help! Tell me what...
  20. B

    New Sumerian Records Style Song

    New Song. I recorded it on garage band in 2 days so give me a break about the shitty tone and playing. I reeeally messed up the sweep part, but I really wasn't in the mood to make it perfect since this is just a lil taste of my music and my first song ever recorded. Tell me what you think (: