1. Jobam-Martins

    I really need opinions about my tone - (Mixing and mastering my new album)

    Hey! How have You been? I hope You're fine! I started composing and producing my new album. I have many songs to compose as well but I started to create a template for my tones. Can You give me Your opinions on what should I work? This is the tone I got so far. I'm only using vst plugins...
  2. alessandroarzilli

    TSE Audio X30 - Sovtek 6L6GC Vs. Sylvania 6L6GA

    Hello community! Has anybody ever tried the TSE Audio X30 VST plug-in? There are two different versions of it, one models the Sovtek 6L6GC power tubes and one the Sylvania 6L6GA. It's quite old, but still can create very good sounds. Nothing comparable to modern VST plugins, but very usable...
  3. Masoo2

    Could someone explain this sound/issue?

    Ever since I've started to get into recording/using VST amp simulators I noticed this "issue" Happens with all of my guitars, and has happened with every interface I have had (Line 6 UX1, Line 6 POD X3, and Focusrite Scarlett 2i4). It even happened with my POD X3 outputting the amped signal...
  4. DavidMW

    Latest Metal Track - (RG1527, TSE X50, and a big library of drum samples)

    Hey guys, I've kind of hit a dead end in my composition, as well as my mixing, so I'd appreciate some feedback of my latest material: Latest Metal Track 041212 by ScarletSoundworks on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I'm using my Ibz RG1527 with stock pickups into...
  5. Nirob

    TSE X40 Test : Killswitch re-amped

    TSE X40 Test by Downtuned Monster! on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free quick test of onqel's new free amp sim.. sounds brilliant.. who needs an axe fx when u have these amazing free plugins ?! :D Song : Rose Of Sharyn by Killswitch Engage. All credit goes to Jeff...
  6. McKay

    New TSE Ampsim Snippet

    Love using this so far, it sounds more open to me than the x50/x30. Excited to see where it goes! TSE X40 Test Thingy by Holy Crap! Lions! on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
  7. hypotc

    Tight Groove (clip) [TSE X50, PodFarm, SD2.0]

    Hello Sevenstring.org! I've been recording a lot lately, but never posted anything on this forum before. So here's the first mix im throwing at you. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! :) Tight Groove (clip) by hypotc on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free...
  8. RG570LC

    Hollow Dreams Debut Song (Produced by Me)

    Liverpool Uk, Melodic Metal band. I'm pretty happy with the results :) so please give it a listen and voice your opinion. There a talented bunch and were awesome to work with. Video diary will be up soon! SoundClick artist: Lee Carmichael Music - page with MP3 music downloads :hbang:
  9. RG570LC

    Mix Template for a band im recording saturday, advice?

    I've got my first real metulz recording job this saturday working with a sick local band (liverpool uk) called Hollow Dreams and i want to get them sounding as good possible. guitars are TSE with catharsis impulses. (only a slight eq in voxengo boogex) drums are drumkitfromhell theres no bass...