1. jonajon91

    Anyone use the line six gearbox for good bass tones.

    Before we start, I am not someone who will spend hours tweaking a tone to put in my bank of millions of other tones that sound the same. I actually don't know what a lot of things that make a good tone are/do, what some would call a tone noob, a rare breed on this site. This is the...
  2. crg123

    Line 6 POD Toneport UX2 red and black version

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Line 6 Toneport UX2 in almost perfect condition besides one or two minor scratches, barely used. It’s the red and black version. Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): black USB cable Location (City,State or City,Country): Boston, MA...
  3. T

    Pod Farm UX2

    Just wondering if it would be possible to hook up my UX2 Toneport into my Peavey 6505+ combo amp and use the pod farm software and toneport as a head for the amp and use the software for the effects, etc? If it is possible, how should I go about doing this? What type of cables should I use...
  4. Daemon

    The Nocturnal Chaos - Rise Of The Cold Dawn : Video !!

    Hi !! This is a playthrough of our song " Rise Of The Cold Dawn ". Gear used for the song records : - Line6 Toneport Ux2 - Shure SM57 - Reaper - Superior Drummer 2.0 - ESP ltd deluxe M1000 with Bare Knuckles Aftermath - ENGL Powerball - ENGL 2x12 V30's cab - Altec...
  5. Daemon

    The Nocturnal Chaos - Vertebrae : FULL SONG djenty ( DKFH, ENGL Powerball, SM57 )

    Hi everybody ! This time the full song =) Recorded this Sunday, with : - ESP ltd Deluxe M1000 - ENGL Powerball - Shure SM57 - Line6 Toneport Ux2 - Pod Farm - EZ Drummer - Reaper AND A LOT OF TIME =) Please tell me what you think about my work, and follow me on : Soundclick Facebook...
  6. sidge428

    N00b Question - Basics to recording/mixing ;)

    dont hate, im new ;) still my first day i deserve a few free n00b questions that have surely been asked before, do i not? basically, at the moment; im recording guitar and bass using my Line 6 Toneport and attempting to add drums using superior drummer. But everything i do seems...
  7. HamBungler

    Reallll quick clip, tell me whatcha think!

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  8. Dylan S

    I covered a NILE song, first mix and no vox yet, please critique

    Well I figured I've been taking a lot of influence from Nile with the music I've been writing lately, but I realised I hadn't learned a single Nile song on guitar, and for that matter, recorded a cover or anything to sort of get my head around the influence a lot more, so I went to 911tabs and...
  9. Dylan S

    MY NEW DEATH METAL SONG - rough mix but sick riffs! PLEASE LISTEN!

    Hey guys, I'm excited about this latest song I started writing this morning. I had the riffs in the intro sitting around for quite a while (if any of you remember my micing quadruple tracking tonetest) but I've slowed them down for a different feel. Tell me what you think of the song...
  10. sakeido

    The Tesseract Megathread: Sonder Released - TesseracT - Milton Keynes / Reading, UK - Metal / Progressive / Experimental - WOW Bulb mixed with Pink Floyd plus awesome production makes these guys
  11. Andrew

    Anyone have experience with the line 6 tone port?

    Line 6 TonePort (Tone Port) UX2 - Guitar USB Interface - eBay (item 250217544270 end time Feb-25-08 18:21:48 PST) i just bought this to fool around with some guitar/keyboarding/vocal recording.. and to jam around at home without an amp.... i didnt have enough money for the pod.. anyone...
  12. Dylan S

    New Recording - Improvised solos inside!

    Hey guys, I decided to do a recording of 'episode 666' by in flames. It's in Eb and I used my C7 hellraiser but left out the Bb string. Please tell me what you think. There are no vocals yet and I'm nearly done mixing it. I am getting studio monitors in a few days, but I won't be able to...
  13. Shooter

    Pro Tools?

    Hey. I was just wondering what the advantages of Pro Tools would be over, say, Acid 5.0 (what I'm using now). I like Acid, but the effects are very limited, and it always comes out sounding really bassy. So, I was just wondering if Pro Tools would be better, and what I'd have to buy in order to...
  14. Alpo

    Bare Knuckle clip! (+ Toneport, EZDrummer)

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  15. LordOVchaoS

    So, my Toneport died yesterday...

    :wallbash: :scream: Now I'm without an amp or a modeller! I have nothing to play through, this fucking sucks. It'll be a couple of weeks before my Engl fund (401k loan) gets here. Any suggestions to tide me over?
  16. Alpo

    Two short Toneport clips (also feat. EZDrummer)

    They are the first two on the list. The one called "Another bad clip" is just me trying to get a decent bass sound that doesn't completely ruin the mix. :ugh: The other one ("Song clip #1") is a short piece I wrote and recorded today. It's extremely rough and short, but I thought I'd put it up...
  17. TripleFan

    Toneport + PSA1

    Hey, I want to tool up for a little homerecording setup. At the moment for practicing at home I use a Tech21 PSA1 direct into my PC. Sounds fine but a little generic. I think it would need a better power amp/speaker simulation to get the sound more 'alive'. This is where the toneport...
  18. Alpo

    A heavy TS7/Toneport clip

    Got a TS7 yesterday and I love it! I recorded a short clip to see how it sounds in a mix, and it's a huge improvement over the SD-1 I used before. Here it is (TS7 Fueled Brutality): SoundClick MP3: Alec Sea - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick
  19. Alpo

    New clip! Brewtal metalz!! Toneport, EZDrummer!!

    I haven't posted any clips in a while, so I thought I'd put this out there. I recorded this today. It's not properly mixed, and there's no post-processing going on at all, so it definitely doesn't sound very polished. The riffs are pretty lame, but I just wanted to put something together, cos I...