1. A

    I want to install some DiMarzio Titans in my guitar, but I need some advice.

    So, I have an HSH electric guitar that I'm modifying. I want to install some DiMarzio Titans in it, but there are two issues: 1. The guitar is HSH, and I need an additional pickup for the middle position. Is there anything you guys can suggest? And would ANY passive middle pickup be compatible...
  2. youngthrasher9

    Ibanez RGIB6 w/Dimarzio Titans

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Excellent condition Ibanez RGIB6, I'd say 9/10 Modifications (if any): Dimarzio Titans installed. Accessories (hardshell case etc): standard stuff that comes in the box when bought new. Location (City,State or City,Country): Marysville, CA...
  3. D


    Holy .... !! :lol: A time ago, i wrote a comment on the Dimarzio Titan video (the official one, i'm the first comment on the video hahah), i asked Larry Dimarzio the date of release of the TITAN 7 strings pickups... TODAY, my friends, he has answered my question :bowdown: . READ THE FIRST...
  4. S

    New Pink Pickups Day

    I just got some pink Dimarzio Titans installed in my Rg450. These things sounded really good up until I tried to replace the middle pickup. I ended up messing up the wiring so I'll need to fix that before I get some clips up. [/URL][/IMG]