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  1. zimbloth

    Diezel Herbert! (Photos & Nick's Initial Thoughts)

    Here are some pics to drool over. I'll post my thoughts below :metal: Initial Thoughts · Man, these are heavy as HELL. Peter doesn't mess around here, this Herbert weighs in around 75-80 pounds! · What a beautiful looking amp. I've played these before on...
  2. zimbloth

    VHT Stock @ The Axe Palace (Current & Incoming)

    I'm proud to announce that I am now an authorized dealer for Fryette Amplification (formerly VHT, aka Steven Fryette Design). I've been waiting for this day for quite some time, it is truly an honor :) Here's what I have at the moment. All amps come with a 5 year warranty and come brand new in...
  3. zimbloth

    Ibanez 8-String 'Custom' w/ BKP & Pickguard

    Info I hate to do this considering all the months I spent waiting for the parts to come in to upgrade and customize this beast, but I really have no choice. Although I am in love with its tone now w/ the Bare Knuckle Cold Sweat 8, the look with the custom african marble pickguard, and how it...
  4. zimbloth

    IN STOCK: Caparison Michael Romeo Dellinger-MJR *New In Box*

    Just arriving from Caparison is a rare Dellinger-MJR (Michael Romeo signature) in Pro.White. I had a chance to play one of these at NAMM and it has a really unique sound and feel. The neck profile and pickups are unlike any other Dellinger, yet it has that familiar Caparison quality and huge...
  5. zimbloth

    BEHOLD: The Sickest Caparison... Ever! (NAMM '09 Score)

    Just when I thought nothing could top the Dellinger MC Aluminum I bought for myself, this came along to rock my world. This guitar is so absurd in every way imaginable I'm considering doing the unthinkable in order to score one of these as well (this was sold to a local who also posts here)...
  6. zimbloth

    Zimbloth's Ibanez RGA121 w/ BKP Painkiller Set!

    I know this is pure blasphemy, especially in light of my thread a couple months ago (An RGA121 w/ Painkillers: Just as God Intended), but I've decided I must finally own a Caparison. While this guitar sounds and plays fucking AMAZING and I will buy one again, it has become soul-crushing to keep...
  7. zimbloth

    FS: Caparison Horus Scrab/GO *NEW*

    I have here a brand new Caparison Horus Scrab/GO, fresh out of the box from Japan. It comes complete with the warranty, tools, original packaging, and I am offering a free custom setup w/ new strings. I of course am an authorized dealer :) This Horus features a contoured mahogany body with...
  8. zimbloth

    The Axe Palace's NAMM 2009 Picstory Spectacular (150 Pics, Be Patient!)

    ** UPDATE: Day 2 pics can be found later in the thread, or you can click here to check it out now. ** ** UPDATE: Day 4 (I skipped day 3 to do other stuff) can be found here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well this is my first NAMM show and it's...
  9. zimbloth

    Caparison Angelus HGS Pro.White

    Another customer guitar I'd love to share photos of with you guys...
  10. zimbloth

    Caparison Horus HGS Oiled Walnut

    I really wish I could keep this :(
  11. zimbloth

    Caparison Dellinger II HGS Pro.Black

    This is a customer's guitar I'd like to share with you guys. This one came tuned to 'B' as well :metal:
  12. zimbloth

    FS: Caparison Dellinger Pro.Trans.Dark Rose *NEW* (Discontinued Model)

    Well this is a rarity, a Caparison I ordered that actually wasn't snatched up long before I ever got it in stock! This is a beautiful brand new 2008 Dellinger Pro in the gorgeous Trans Dark Rose finish. This is one of the last models as it's being discontinued is 2009. Features &#183...
  13. zimbloth

    Caparison Dellinger Pro (Trans Dark Rose) Photos

    Here is another beautiful guitar I received yesterday that I'd like to share with you guys. This stain is really nice, it looks a lot different in person that it did in pics I've previously seen so I wanted to take my own in various lighting :yesway...
  14. zimbloth

    Caparison Horus Iris Violet Photos

    Here is a customer's Horus Iris Violet that I shipped out yesterday. This thing is so gorgeous, I have to share. Played and sounded awesome too.
  15. zimbloth

    Current BKP Stock @ "The Axe Palace"

    EXTRA STOCK (Updated: 4/3/09) 1. Miracle Man 7 (bridge) 2. Miracle Man 6 (neck) 3. Miracle Man 6 (neck) 4. Warpig 7 (bridge, ceramic) 5. Warpig 6 (bridge, ceramic, camo) Note: If you need anything not listed above simply let me know as I'm constantly placing orders with BKP. Keep in mind all...