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  1. zimbloth

    SS.ORG Appreciation Sale @ The Axe Palace

    Hey guys. As a followup to my "Thank You" thread I posted last month, I realized actions speak louder then words so I decided to do something just for members since you guys played such a huge part in getting The Axe Palace off the ground. For a limited time, I'd like to...
  2. zimbloth

    Humidifier For My Shop? Nick Needs Your Advice.

    Hey guys, it's getting pretty cold and dry up here in Massachusetts these days, and seeing as this is my first Winter here at The Axe Palace, I'm starting to worry about keeping my stock of guitars safe and sound. Now that I have to leave the heat on since the temperatures are consistently...
  3. zimbloth

    NGD: Ibanez Universe UV7BK Green Dot

    I just scored this UV the other day, really sweet piece. I had one of these years ago and really loved it. I really dig the old UV's super-slim neck and feel, and this is one of the cleanest ones I've ever seen. Not bad for a 20 year old guitar. I just need to condition the fingerboard as its a...
  4. zimbloth

    NGD X4: Caparison Dellinger 7, D2 HGS, D2 MC, Horus HGS BK (Photo Gallery)

    Edit: Well since this was moved to the dealer forum, I guess I'll post some sale info. Dellinger 7-String Oiled Mahogany ... AVAILABLE ($2499) Dellinger II HGS Pro.Black ... AVAILABLE ($1999) Dellinger II MC Titanium ... AVAILABLE ($2299) Horus HGS EF Pro.Black ... SOLD More on the way...
  5. zimbloth

    Hughes & Kettner Triamp: Holy Shit!

    My buddy just brought over his H&K Triamp MK1 head to my store so I could bias it for him and I was absolutely blown away. I can't believe this amp isn't more popular. It's one of the best amps I've ever heard, and it was sitting in a room next to Diezels, Fryettes, and Riveras. It had...
  6. zimbloth

    BKP Rebel Yell 7-string Clip/MP3!! (+ NEMECIDE EP Preview)

    I recorded about half the songs of my band's upcoming CD with the Bare Knuckle 'Rebel Yell' 7-string pickup and I since that's such an uncommon pickup I figured I'd share a rough draft with you guys. I think it goes to show that you can get tight, heavy 7-string tone from an alnico BKP :) Of...
  7. zimbloth

    Selling Off All My Rico Jr 7s (Never Thought This Day Would Come...)

    Just thinning the herd a bit, going to sell 2 and keep the 2 remaining. These guitars are not store stock, but rather my personal arsenal of guitars I've adored and cherished every single day since I got them (one of which I ordered before I became a dealer). I've literally dreamed about them...
  8. zimbloth

    FS: Caparison Dellinger II MC Titanium (NEW @ The AP)

    I have here a brand new Caparison Dellinger II MC Titanium. This is a new model for '09 and one of the first stateside. This is one truly special, incredible sounding and playing guitar. I'll spare you guys the sales pitch since most of you reading this know how great Dellingers are. If you want...
  9. zimbloth

    Any Graphic Guys Willing To Help Me Out?

    Hey guys, I could use someone who is good at graphics willing to help me out with The Axe Palace website. My old web guy is no longer around. I have a programmer on board to help with the coding, but he's not good at graphics, so here I am. I'm not looking for anything too complex, just...
  10. zimbloth

    Caparison Guitars In Stock @ The Axe Palace

    Hey guys. These babies keep rolling in so figured it was time to make a formal thread. The new models have been amazing and the old favorites are better than ever. Here's what I got! In Stock (as of 03/08/10) Dellinger II HGS Pro.Black Dellinger II MC Titanium Dellinger FX Oiled Walnut...
  11. zimbloth

    BKP Announcement

    I'm happy to announce that BKPs are now available in red, green, blue and yellow in both standard and wide-spaced options for 6-strings. This is in addition to the already available white, black, creme, zebra, purple, and all the lovely cover options. Any combination is available (ie: black/red...
  12. zimbloth

    NGD: Zimbloth's Two New Bernie Rico Jr 7-strings (Metallic Purple & Quilt Red)

    So so happy right now... Metallic Purple Mahogany wings Maple neck-thru Ebony fingerboard Sperzel Locking Tuners Bare Knuckle 'Rebel Yell' 7 (direct mount) Dunlop 6105 frets Metallic purple finish (pics not very accurate but best I could do) Tone Pros bridge Black Hardware Elixir NanoWeb 9s...
  13. zimbloth

    P50E vs V30 (Detailed Analysis)

    Okay a lot of us VHT/Fryette users have been singing the praises of their P50E speakers for some time now. I get a lot of questions about them and how they compare to more common speakers like Celestion V30s, so I decided to post an article written by the guys at Steven Fryette Design below as...
  14. zimbloth

    Ibanez S7320 w/ BKPs, Dyed FB, & Straplocks

    Hey guys. I'm selling this on behalf of my bandmate Buddy. This customized Saber 7 was completely babied and mainly used for recording purposes. He only took it out to two shows. Here's what is special about this guitar: 1) It has a Bare Knuckle 'Painkiller' in the bridge and the 'Miracle...
  15. zimbloth

    NGD: Caparison 'Oiled Walnut' X2 (Dellinger II FX & Horus HGS MF)

    Two beautiful 'B' tuned guitars I'd like to share with you guys... Dellinger II FX Horus HGS MF Both :metal:
  16. zimbloth

    NGD: Parker Fly Deluxe (Tangerine) Photo Gallery

    My first Parker arrived at the shop and it's beautiful so I'd like to share it with you guys. Enjoy :metal:
  17. zimbloth

    FS: DiMarzio Pickups @ The Axe Palace (Stock List)

    Here's what I currently have in stock and available for immediate delivery. Of course, anything not seen here I can get here in 2-3 days so feel free to call, email or PM :yesway: IN STOCK (effective 8/18/09) Pickups Air Norton (black) Breed (bridge, f-spaced, red) Breed (neck, red) Crunch...
  18. zimbloth

    FS: (4) Fryette P50E Eminence Speakers

    At last, I'm now able to offer you guys these amazing Fryette [VHT] P50E speakers outside of their epic cabinets. The P50Es are designed by Steven Fryette and built to his specs by Eminence. These are exceptional in every way: tight, punchy, aggressive yet smooth, powerful and super defined...
  19. zimbloth

    Stunning Bernie Rico Jr Spalted Jekyll 627 w/ Warpigs

    One of my customers who is a forum member here had his build come in today. He wanted me to take some pics before shipping out out, so here it is! This thing is absolutely gorgeous! The Bare Knuckle Warpigs look perfect in this guitar as well, don't you think? Check it out: Rico perfection as...
  20. zimbloth

    NEWS: The Axe Palace Is Now A DiMarzio Dealer

    Hey guys. I'm happy to announce the AP is now an official DiMarzio dealer. This has been in the works for over a year. It took a while to meet their requirements but now I'm good to go! I have a bunch of cool stuff already on its way here from DiMarzio and I'm excited. We will primarily be...