tech death

  1. ogon

    Tech death string gauges / tension

    Hello. Recently been learning Diminished to b by Necrophagist. I'm on a regular ol 25.5 scale length strat and started learning the song with a set of 9, 11, 16, 24, 32, 42 strings, tuned to E standard tuning just cuz that's what was on my guitar. Tuned down to D standard (the tuning used in the...
  2. works0fheart

    New Archspire anyone?

    Surprised no one is talking about this. This album is pretty damned good. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who's into the whole tech death thing. It's going to be a hard album to top for sure.

    Rate my bands newest single!

    Hey guys! My band Wasted Creation drops our debut album 'Primordial' in 2 weeks, I figured to get the ball rolling I would bring our newest single 'Black Dominion' here to get some valuable opinions/critiques! Feel free to plug your own band and show off that new material you've been cooking up...
  4. works0fheart

    Profanity (Tech Death from Germany)

    Thought these dudes deserve some love. They're super talented musicians but also very polite and down to earth. I'll always admire people within the metal community that still show so much enthusiasm for their music but also appreciate their fans. It's not often I come across a band who plays...
  5. Cyanide_Anima

    Y'all got any more of them blastbeats?

    Cause I definitely need to use those more often. Just finished a new song. Very heavy, techy, and intense. Very dense mix. The rhythm guitars needed to be subdued a tad since there are so many synths going on. I'm getting a bit bored with the super middy guitar tone and went with something...
  6. Christopher Beattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal

    Hey guys! I put a song out for a new progressive/technical metal project recently. I recorded, mixed and mastered it myself and still have A LOT to learn so I'd love some feedback on the mix here. Thanks!
  7. GalacticDeath

    New Music "Lost Sector" (Space-themed Metal)

    My band Galactic Mechanics released a new EP. Has some progressive and technical death metal influences. Also have been listening to some older bands like Morbid Angel and Suffocation recently so that has influenced me a bit as well. Thought some of you guys might enjoy it. It's been a while...
  8. works0fheart

    Spawn of Possession disband

    So disheartening to hear...
  9. Bouvre

    First ever 360° Lyric Video (The Zenith Passage produced by Michael Keene)

    Hi all, My name is Justin McKinney and I play guitar in The Faceless and The Zenith Passage. TZP just released a new song off of our debut Full length, Solipsist The song is in the first ever 360° lyric video. We recorded with Zack Ohren and Michael Keene. Check it out and let me know...
  10. Bouvre

    Interactive 360° lyric video (The Zenith Passage)

    Hi all, My name is Justin McKinney and I play guitar in The Faceless and The Zenith Passage. TZP just released a new song off of our debut Full length, Solipsist The song is in the first ever 360° lyric video. Check it out and let me know what you think!! :hbang: Our album...
  11. C

    Vale of Pnath (tech death) has kickstarter for new album! PS: watch the video I'm close friends with these guys, and I can assure you, this new album is going to destroy. At the very least , watch the video. :hbang:
  12. FadexToxBlack81

    Alustrium - A Tunnel To Eden Guitar Playthrough [Kiesel Arctic Vader + PRS Iris Mist]

    Hey all! Gear Gods was nice enough to premiere our latest playthrough for the title track off of our new record. There's a bunch of guitar/gear porn in the video, so suuuuuper NSFW. Hope you guys Dig it! :hbang::shred::hbang:
  13. Peculate

    New Avant-Garde Jazz Metal Album (Free)

    I just released a new avant-garde jazz metal album. It's a mixture of progressive metal, mathcore, tech death, jazz fusion, and contemporary classical. You can download it for free at Bandcamp...
  14. S

    Looking for Experienced Vocalist (Tech Death)

    Here is a sample of our work. Pre-Production. Work in Progress. Looking for someone who can keep up with fast tech death. Would love to collaborate and make something very cool. The process would involve you recording at home and sending me dry tracks. If we are on the same page you would...
  15. MortuusMachina

    HELP!! How do I get rid of fret hand fatigue and cramping???

    Okay, so whenever I play a show, about 2 minutes into the first song, my fret hand cramps up and starts to hurt, thus making my performance sound like shit and unprofessional. I have medium sized hands, I play an Ibanez RGD with a 26.5 inch scale in standard (B) tuning, using a custom light...
  16. Peculate

    New Metal Song I Wrote to Protest Taylor Swift Trademarking "This Sick Beat"

    In January, it was announced that Taylor Swift had trademarked the phrase "This sick beat." In protest of the ridiculous ability of the rich to legally own words, I composed a brutal, cacophonous metal song titled "This Sick Beat™," which only uses the words "this sick beat" as lyrics. A...
  17. Peculate

    New Tech Death / Jazz / Mathcore Single

    I have a new album coming out on the 31st. I just released a new single from it! It's a mixture of tech death, mathcore, progressive metal, jazz, and avant-garde classical music, haha. You can download it for free at Soundcloud! I...
  18. Peculate

    Insane New Album Teaser (Prog/Experimental / Mathcore / Jazz Fusion / Tech Death)

    I just released a 5-minute teaser for my upcoming new 55-minute album The Chain Industry (aka Collateral Damage, Pt. II). It's only 5 minutes of material, but it covers like 10 genres and styles haha, ranging from mathcore to tech death to jazz rock (with saxophone) to straight-ahead jazz to...
  19. Peculate

    New Peculate Album: Progressive/Symphonic/Experimental Math Metal

    I just released a new album, In Two (A). It's 48 minutes of insane, genre-hopping progressive/experimental metal. Like usual, it's incredibly heavy and mathy, with lots of tech death influences (with a few breakdown-ish moments here and there), with about 75% heavy vocals and 25% clean. This...
  20. Mandrool

    Crazy tech death/djent/whatever! - Sol2183 (Fans of HAARP/Faceless/Prog)

    Finished writing the album, just waiting on some vocals. Getting ansty though so I've released 4 demo videos VIA YouTube! Let me know what you think! Waiting on artwork/vocals/mixing at this point Song 8 Song 2 Song 5 Song 3