1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    All The Things You Are

    Thanks for watching. Tab available on Patreon. 👉 Guillaume SIMON Jazz
  2. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    In A Sentimental Mood || 7 String Solo Guitar

    Thanks for watching ! 😉 TAB available on Patreon :
  3. Guitar_Gym

    The most advanced tab books in print

    I see tab discussions here and there every now and again, but every time I get the point I'm wrapping up one project and look out to what I want to do next, I'm not sure what tabs are available, reliable, subjectively fun, or something I would enjoy. Petrucci's books on his personal website...
  4. H

    How should I pick this?

    Should I alternate or economy pick?
  5. M

    Maurice Ravel arpeggio exercise + tab

    Made French maestro Maurice Ravel into a warm-up exercise..... Free tab/notation → Hope you guys are doing OK in this crazy time!!! Happy practicing :)
  6. M

    Steve Morse style arpeggio exercise + TAB

    Thought I'd share this Steve Morse style arpeggio exercise I've been having fun with! There's free tab (+ full how-to lesson). HAPPY shredding !
  7. M

    Jazz Blues Practice Play-Along in Am (+TAB)

    Hi guys, Thought I'd share this swinging backing track to fuel your jazz guitar practice fire :hbang: Play-Along kicks in at 0:33 - and the intro solo is up as TAB/standard notation. HAVE FUN :mf666:
  8. Seybsnilksz

    Tempo and Rhythm in the intro for Oceans Collide by Textures

    I'm going to tab out this song, and I have the tempos and time signatures for the whole song except for the beginning. It sounds so random and sporadic, and I've tried to align a bunch of different tempos to it in Cubase, but nothing seems to make sense. Does anyone have the ability to figure...
  9. E

    My "prog" bass transcriptions & covers

    Hey, A little advertisement for my Youtube channel: I do covers of impopular songs and (more interestingly) post the tabs in both .gp5 and .pdf in the comments. Feel free to take if you see something you like. I don't mean my Dingwalls...
  10. S

    Anyone got a tab for Nekrokosmos by Kevelertak?

    I couldn't find anything for this song online so I was wondering if anyone else had a tab for this song. Favorite song off Meir for sure. edit: I know it's Kvelertak but I'm too lazy to message the mods to change the title.
  11. J

    Making a Djent/Ambient song - with full TAB and lots of tips.

    I'm planning to start a more detailed instrumental guitar licks YouTube series, so I've created this video as a test. There is a real-time TAB of all the tracks in the second half of the video. I hope that some of you will find it useful. The song in the video isn't really a full-blown djent...
  12. M

    Monuments - Atlas tab and playthrough

    Hi! I created a best effort style tablature for the wonderful tune Atlas from Monuments and put together a small how to play it video: Obviously my playing skills are not on Browne...
  13. Oceandrinksboat

    Structures - Life Through A Window Tab

    I absolutely enjoy every aspect of that song, Its a prefect way to finish that album, but the only thing is I can't find a tab for it, not a cover, nada. SO can you help a fella?
  14. peterkienle

    Bach's Well Tempered Clavier for 7 strings

    Finally finished volume 2 of J. S. Bach's Well Tempered Clavier. These are Preludes & Fugues 7-12. No fingerings but TAB and standard notation. Please, don't expect to be able to play or read these like "normal" classical guitar music. They make your fingers walk all over the neck. This...
  15. porchy

    I tabbed out Nolly's "Totla Mad" solo

    Hi everybody, I've looked for this for a while and figured it'd be in my best interest/good practice to just learn it by ear. A few caveats: 1) it's lots of legato, so there are a good deal of grace notes (i.e., ones that might sound wrong but aren't) 2) I wrote it as I played it out on...
  16. 7


    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone here in the SS family was willing to tab out some Northlane songs. In the last month or so they've quickly went from a band I thought were good to one of my top favorites. I would love to learn more of their songs but I've never been a fan of tabbing them out...
  17. jonajon91

    Improving existing tabs - UneXpect / Words - bass tab (GP5)

    So for a while, ChaotH has had a playthrough video on youtube and someone in the comments said that he was working on some bass tabs for the song. Well ChaotH and him worked together on a tab and yesterday, I realised that he had put up a bass cover of the song on youtube. I messaged him about...
  18. F


    Does anybody have the drum midi for make total destroy by periphery, attempting a full cover and about to spend ages tabbing drums out and I'm not a drummer so it will be a challenge. Anybody want to be a massive help and give me the midi if anybody happens to have it? :) Thanks
  19. N

    Here's my Wave of Babies sweeps tab

    I made this tab of the sweeping part using the video lesson and the EMG video. I think it's pretty close. I'll just leave it here, if anybody wants to learn the part. Upload yourself playing it if you do! :shred:
  20. A

    Trimming problem...

    hi guys, i am wiring my bkp 8 string pickup on my rga8 , and i find out that the tab of the pickups are not fit the routes,then i saw the post " 8 String Guitars: Active to Passive conversion Megathread!" said that "The tabs on the bkp's need to be trimmed 2-3 mm to fit the routes" , i trim it...