1. ItWillDo

    StringKing - String Gauge Calculator

    Google Play Hey all, A while back I released an alpha version of an Android app to calculate string tension based on your criteria (string type, scale, note, etc..). My ambition is to make it as intuitive as possible, and in time abstract the "science" behind it away as much as possible and...
  2. S

    9 string multiscale kahler issue

    I'm having my Agile 9 string multiscale setup and the tech and I are stumped. The high E string (and High b to some extent) aren't making contact with the roller, and instead are resting on the multiscale extenders of the kahler. We can't seem to raise the roller up without drastically changing...
  3. 8stringalchemy

    8-String string gauge

    Hi all, I typically tune to EBEADGBE, and I've been experimenting with a .90 on the low E. I love the snappier tension, but I'm getting a lot of rattle at the bridge and nut and it sounds noticeably less bright than the rest of the strings. Are these problems normal for a string this size, or...
  4. J

    Can you replace a Killswitch with a Tone Knob ?

    Hi guys, I might be able to secure my first ever 7 string - an Ibanez RGIR27BE Walnut Finish. The guitar is with EMGs, Tremolo and a Killswitch. My question is, can you swap the Killswitch for a Tone Knob ? If I manage to get the guitar, I want to install Fishman Moderns in it and since the...
  5. guitaardvark

    Replacement bridge/saddles for PRS SVN?

    Hey everyone, So I've had my SVN for about two months and absolutely adore it. However, the largest string that the bridge will accept is around a .64, whereas I prefer a .68 or above. Are there any drop in saddles or replacement bridges that will accept a larger string? Thanks!
  6. theonlyratatoskr

    New member here & question

    What's up guys!? I'm not a 7-string owner yet but I'm looking at investing in a Schecter Keith Merrow KM-7 MK-III (Toxic Smoke Green) If you have experience with these or have a different suggestion, please comment below! Thanks, all! \m/
  7. Kokos

    My F#/.065 String Sounds Really Bad

    Hi all! I need your help. I gave my sevenstring Jackson Pro HT7 (26.5" scale) to techs for adjustments. I asked them to propose a string set for a drop F# tuning (Deftones fan here). They put 6-string set of 11s and a 65 for the thickest string. But this one string sounds really bad, like a...
  8. LeoLmX

    Bending string going out of tune after tuning down

    Hi fellas. I'm having a small issue with my guitar, there are some days where the strings just go a tiny bit up because of temperture change or whatever, just a normal guitar thing. I tune down the string to standard pitch, the problem is, if I try bending the string right after this tuning...
  9. alessandroarzilli

    Mercuriall SS-11X - My video review

    Hello everybody! I would like to share with you all my latest video, about the Mercuriall SS-11X VST Plugin. I used my 7 string custom Jackson. Please let me know what you think of it! I'm looking for true impressions!
  10. AC.Lin

    Complete Gauge String Table.

    Hi everyone. First of all, :imnew: but i want to share a table i made in order to pick the set you might need for the tuning you want. You'll find string set recommandations for: - 24.75" neck - 25.5" neck - 26.5" neck - tuning going from E standard to Drop F. You can find the table here...
  11. AC.Lin

    Complete Gauge String Table.

    Hi everyone. First of all, :imnew: but i want to share a table i made in order to pick the set you might need for the tuning you want. You'll find string set recommandations for: - 24.75" neck - 25.5" neck - 26.5" neck (7 string guitar) - tuning going from E standard to Drop F. You can find...
  12. hodorcore

    Tremol-no for Majesty 7 String

    Hello sevenstring fanatics I've been looking to install a Tremol-no in my 7 String Majesty. Do any of you guys have experience with that? I'd love to hear what you have to say about it. I think it needs the Pin-Type tremol-no, but will it also work for the 7 string bridge? Sorry if this...
  13. Mik3D23

    FS EMG 808X Set

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Selling my EMG 808x soapbar set in mint condition. They came out of my Strandberg which I upgraded the pickups to a 57/66 set. I'm including the wiring packs that came with my upgraded pickup set when I bought them. They are in like new condition and...
  14. Lemonheadfr

    My modded Ibanez RG8 !!!

    Hi everyone ! I'm proud to show you the result of my hard work on my RG8 ! I really like this guitar, it's well made, the stock playability is good, but it looks and sounds really boring. So I decided to turn it into an 8-string that could be used in every kind of project (other than metal)...
  15. onionofdoom

    ISP Decimator volume drop?

    So today I picked up an ISP Decimator G-String (the original one, not the II.) Got it for free so I can't complain, seems to do a decent job of eliminating preamp gain-induced hiss. The problem is, using the Decimator in the loop results in a noticeable drop in volume vs having nothing in the...
  16. HumanFuseBen

    This is Why You Suck at Guitar: The secret to changing tunings on a Floyd!!

    True Believers and Floyd Rose Fanatics! The new episode of This is Why You Suck is just for you! Ever wanted to rip your hair out while trying to change tunings or string gauges on your tremolo-equipped guitar? Boy do i ever have a cool trick for you. Using my method, you'll be able to change...
  17. AstetikSI

    String Gauges for Drop C with a Low G?

    Ive been playing my 7 string in drop C (GCGCFAD). I plan on keeping this tuning for a while, so Im gonna go get my guitar setup properly for this tuning this week. My guitars scale length is 26.5". Any recommendations on string gauges? Im specifically looking for recommendations for the...
  18. N

    Tech can't figure out how to set up Ibanez Zero Point system

    TL;DR Don't buy any guitar with the zero point system in it if you want to use any string gauge lower or higher than the stock 10-58. Several months ago I bought an Ibanez RG927QM that came with the Edge Zero II bridge featuring the Zero Point System (ZPS3Fe). Basically what the system is...
  19. HexaneLake

    Aristides 080 Build Thread

    Hey SSO, I have been talking with Pascal at Aristides Instruments over the past 2 months in regards of a custom 8 string build. This is my first custom that I have ordered for myself, and I can say I feel I picked one of the best companies to start with. First of all, their customer...
  20. SlamLiguez

    String gauges: Heavy and fast!

    Recently, after a few solid months on contemplation, I've decided to tune from the absurdly low Drop G# using .74, .32, .30, .28, .17 etc, that range(inb4 get a bass noob) to something that requires a set of strings thats a bit slimmer, due to the "technicality" or such of the music. So, my...