1. Oneirokritikos

    Where to find Steinberger/Moses carbon necks?

    Hey all, Now that Moses has ceased producing replacement composite necks for Steins, where could I find some (second-hand) necks? I'd like to fit them to a couple of Steinberger Spirit axes. Thanks !
  2. ajsfreily

    A review of the uncommon Steinberger GL2T, graphite guitar!

    A review of the uncommon Steinberger GL2T, graphite guitar! This is the original headless guitar that later inspired Kiesel, Strandberg etc... This is NOT the Steinberger Elite, Spirit or Synapse
  3. broj15

    NGD x2 - wierd 80's content

    Made a couple sweet scores this weekend. First off we have a pretty beat, but completely playable Aria Pro II Ts500. This guitar is kind of an odd ball. It belonged to a friend of mine and I've had an eye on it forever. He finally decided to sell it and I couldn't buy it from him quick...
  4. Alexis

    FS EU: Steinberger GM4S Honyburst ( GM 4 S - Music Yo ) Headless

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Steinberger GM4S Honyburst from the MusicYo Aera in really good condition. Even the original electronic chavity sticker is still on. The guitar got a professional setup a few days ago and a big service ( new original Steinberger strings, electronics...
  5. arablue

    Headless trem hardware

    Im looking at putting together a headless 6 string and I wanted to know more about the different available bridges. Im less interested in transposing or extreme diving than in having a stable and expressive vibrato so Im leaning towards the Hipshot. Can anyone speak to the feel of that vs...
  6. Kodee_Kaos

    FS Steinberger ZT3 Custom

    Steinberger ZT3 in Transparent blue. Excellent condition. Could use a pocket shim job, but is otherwise flawless. The TransTrem works as it should. Mods: Pickups have been swapped, not 100% sure what they are. I *think* they are a PAF Pro neck and Evo bridge. Accessories (hardshell case...
  7. BlackStar7

    Steinberger GM-4S

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Steinberger GM-4S - VERY close to mint. I've owned a number of these guitars and this is as close as they come to perfect, especially given how long it's been since they went out of production. Fretboard could maybe use a cleaning, otherwise I'm...
  8. Science_Penguin

    Steinberger ZT-3: Still in Production?

    Does anyone know if the Steinberger ZT-3 has been discontinued? Every online dealer says it's not avaialble, but it still appears on the Steinberger website. ...Also, anyone who owns one- is it even worth me looking into?
  9. 8

    What gauge strings for drop Ab

    Pretty soon my 28' baritone is coming in (steinberger demon). I want to tune it to drop Ab and I don't know which strings would be better 13-62 D'Addario or 13-72 Ernie Ball. I have had good experience with both companies so I just want to know which one is better for the tuning I plan on using.
  10. 8

    Steinberger vs. Strandberg

    The classic headless guitar against the new kid on the block. Over all which do you think is superior and why (don't compare steinberger spirit because that's not like a real steinberger). My choice is Steinberger because the Seinbergers I have played are some of the best guitars I have ever...
  11. J

    MINT Steinberger ST-2FPA Baritone

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Steinberger ST-2FPA Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Custom Case, hex wrenches, built in capo, piezo system (not an accessory just honorable mention lol) Location (City,State or City,Country): Minneapolis, MN...
  12. H

    Thoughts on Steinberger?

    So I've been looking into headless guitars recently, and steinberger has really caught my eye. I know strandbergs are the "it thing" now when it comes to headless guitars, but steinberger was the pioneer of headless guitar porn, and don't forget the frick'n cool transtrem, which seems very...
  13. RichIKE

    New Steinberger's

    Where would i go about buying one? I'd like to find a USA GR-4R but the internet is barren with places to buy one. can anyone help me out?
  14. alvaro

    Sybreed - Plasmaterial (guitar cover)

    Hi! My attempt to replicate Sybreed's Plasmaterial on my battered guitar. This is recorded with my webcam so the video image is not very clear. Also this was my very first video, hope to improve my skills and make more in the future.... I love everything this band do!!! Sybreed...
  15. R

    Steinberger Copy Cats

    Now I've never been a fan of these copy cat/knock off guitars, but I recently started looking up these fake Steinbergers. First thing I noticed on about 99% of em is the head stock has locking nuts like a floyd and I'm not so sure how I feel about that.:scratch: I already put an order for...
  16. Absaloms Axe

    NYNGD (Not yet new guitar day) Mensinger 8-String Steinberger, Headless "Paddle" BKP

    Hi Guys, this is a story that now continues over a year a so. First I was searching for a custom-builder to fulfill my dream of something like an 8-String Steinberger workinghorse-thing. After asking a lot of luthiers and half a year i decided to take my chance at Mensinger Guitars (Maruszczyk...
  17. TheSixthWheel

    Charvel Charvette + Hohner G3T Headless.

    Brief & Accurate Description ofguitar: 1989 - 1991 Charvel Charvette in snow white, HSS.This model is potentially MIJ, as it's an early serial, and matches specs of info I can find on the 270 model. The frets are in good condition, the fretwork is really quite excellent for a low budget guitar...
  18. Adversor

    Steinberger Baritone Standard Strings 2 packs

    I am looking mainly for Elixir strings, .52's would be great but I am open to anything really, just send me your offer and we'll go from there. Location: South Texas Contact Info: woekult at gmail References: iTrader Pictures:
  19. gunshow86de

    NGD: Carvin HH1 (56k = HOLDS on, it's WORTH the wait, don't lose your head)

    Here's my newest edition, the Carvin HH1. I could bore you to death, writing sentence after sentence about how awesome I think this guitar is (and you won't even read it). Instead, I'll let the pictures do the talking (but feel free to ask questions :)). SPECS: HH1...
  20. N

    Steinberger GT Pro deluxe, what do you think!

    After investigating alittle I have found that the GT pro is actually quite cheap. I know that price isn't always directly related to quality, but when it's 399 I'm unsure. Add in the fact I am also looking at a Z-T3. There is also NO way for me to be able to play either to decide. I checked...