stef carpenter

  1. antuni

    FS ESP STEF B7 (Canada)

    ESP STEF B7 Stef Carpenter Signature Made in Japan In great condition, maybe some minor scratches/pick swirls but nothing major. This is the model with a signature on the fretboard instead of on the headstock. Comes with a hard case and certificate of authenticity. I just don’t play 7...
  2. GuitarFactoryDylan

    FS Schecter Masterworks Custom 7 / ESP Custom Shop STEF-B8

    [LOCATION: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA] So... I'm facing a healthy pile of bills at the moment and about to move into a significantly smaller living space than I had previously, which will make fitting the amount of instruments I have into it quite a bit more difficult. I'm at a point where all the...
  3. Stresspill

    ESP LTD SC-608B 2008 [UK]

    I don't need to say much about this guitar here, if you're on this site you likely know everything there is to know about it already. This is an original 2008 spec model, with mahogany body, and in my opinion this sounds and feels way better than the more recent models. Completely stock with EMG...