1. Davey

    Looking for an inexpensive looper pedal

    I'm looking for a looper pedal but even the most basic ones I know are about £100. Are there any that are cheaper than that (say £50 tops)? I only need to be able to loop one part at a time. I'm playing with two other guys in a trio and will sometimes need to loop an extra guitar part (some...
  2. S

    Loop Pedals?

    I have been looking to get loop pedal and i have heard a lot about all different kinds of loops, i was looking at getting a Boss Rc-20xl. Has anyone heard anything bad about it or is there something better i can get? pedals are my weak point in gear and i have only just recently been building...
  3. kazE

    Boss RC-20 Loop Station great condition+price!

    Description: Boss RC-20 Loop Station/Phrase Recorder. Accessories: Factory A/C adapter. Location: NY Contact Info: Here or PM's. References Required: legosmith (ebay) Price: SOLD! Pictures: (sorry for bad quality, taken with phone >.<) It's in excellent condition, I'd say...