1. mlaykay

    The Feathered Serpent (prog metal)

    Hi everyone! The planets have aligned and finally gave me some time to create new music, so here’s a new proggy instrumental: If anyone cares, I used Kemper GGD profiles for rhythm and lead guitars. Cheers!
  2. Roberto Djentz

    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Just looking for inspiration and help with a track that I'm stumped on, I can't seem to figure out what to put in the clean/bass spot. I kinda imagine a Plini/intervals/Sithu style shred... But I also kinda suck at guitar 😅😩 Here is the track (unfinished) for a general idea. Anyone and...
  3. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Smile for 7 string solo guitar

    This is my last YouTube Video : I hope you enjoy! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel.
  4. themarkrophones

    I learned how to perform as a solo-trio! (not joking)

    Hi everyone, my name is Marc, and this is my first post. Just like many of us during the past few years, I've had a lot of free time on my hands, and I wanted to find new ways to innovate to keep the boredom from driving me crazy. I'm a pro songwriter and touring musician, I've fronted several...
  5. V

    Hi, I need some feedback on this solo.

    Hello everyone, I uploaded this first solo and I would love to know what you think.
  6. U

    I want to show you my cover of "born to lead" solo

    i use my ESP USA (the best guitar i ever owned), the solo was composed by rusty cooley, it was a new challenge for me, cheers!
  7. princent

    How to build up to the entrance of a solo

    Hello guys! Princent here. The name is real. Possibly Scandinavian. I'm new at creating music so maybe this belongs to the newbie thread. Anyway - when I put down a chord progression, let's say four (keyboard) chords and some drums, I find that starting to solo over this doesn't work that...
  8. A

    Lamb of God - Laid to Rest | instrumental / guitar cover

    Rate my mix and playing! Guitars are a bit louder since this is mainly a guitar cover Signal chain: ESP Eclipse Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out to Fredman Catharsis and GuitarHack's impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2, Metal Foundry expansion Bass: Spectrasonics Trilian
  9. ChugThisBoy

    Give me some opinions and advices on my solo project's EP, please.

    Hello there :cheers: A little more than 2 years ago I've uploaded my "main" album (well, EP technically) and many things changed during those two years. I've become better guitar player, learned a thing or two about mixing, changed my 'studio' gear for the better (I bought the Helix - finally)...
  10. alessandroarzilli

    Hybrid Practice - Reflections

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to share with you one of my newest songs. What do you think of it? Consider I made it all by myself in my bedroom (except vocals/lyrics, which were done by a friend of mine). What would you suggest to change and how?
  11. C

    Lead and Rhythm presets switching options with Tube Amp

    Hello Currently I'm the only guitar player in the band and I often have to switch between lead and rhythm. Right now I'm doing it with a cheap effects processor put into clean channel of the amp. I have effects (distortion, delay, etc) for both roles and use a footswitch on the processor. But...
  12. W

    25.5 inch Vs 27 inch scale on Solo/Lead

    I'm sorry, I know each guitar forum already has many threads on scale lengths, but I don't find such the amount on lead aspect of things. Everyone knows that the 27 (probably objectively) is better for rhythm, but what happens if you want to also do solos? People say that you get a more...
  13. Serga Kasinec

    Agile Pendulum Pro 72527 || Tone Testing

    Country: Korea (2016) Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple with Rosewood Fretboard Multi-scale design with a scale range of 25 1/2" to 27" Pickups: Cepheus 7 Passive BUY: [email protected] Signal Chain: Agile Pendulum Pro 72527 - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 - Spark - Mercuriall DAW: Logic Pro X (10.4.0)...
  14. WhiteWolf25

    Awesome Prog-Rock backing track

    Hey guys, I was just riffing out the other day and created a backing track out of that session. Please enjoy the track and have fun playing some tasty solos over it!!
  15. J

    Looking for a solo for a near-complete track.

    Just as the title says! I have a track that needs a good solo. Thrashy, Hardcore punkish, threw in some goofy electronics, but not too prominent. - My facebook page will probably be the quickest way to...
  16. Kirill5412

    Music Man JP12 BFR 7 || New Single 2017

    Hello guys! This is one of the tracks from my upcoming EP :) Hope you enjoy it _______________________________________________ Signal Chain: Music Man JP12 BFR 7 - Line 6 POD HD Pro DAW: Logic Pro X Video Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X Сamera: Canon 60D + EF 50mm f/1.4 ⚠️ Available for...
  17. WhiteWolf25

    New melancholic Backing Track

    Hey friends, do you want a dark melancholic backing track to improvise over? Then search no further! Also I would be really thankful if you would give it a listen and give me a feedback. :)
  18. Serga Kasinec

    *NEW* Single >>Samael’s Tear<<

    Hi guys! Check out my *NEW* Single >>Samael’s Tear<< Music - By Serga Kasinets Please, share an put the thumbs up if you like it. Reposting and comments are welcome. Stay Tuned new video coming soon. Share and Like if you like the video! If you like what i`m doing the best way to support me...
  19. A

    Here's a solo off one atmospheric metal track of mine. Thought you might like this

    It's just me brainstorming ideas for the middle section of a tune of mine.
  20. A

    Did a metal/funk/latin jazz/shred remix of Ed Sheeran's "Shape of you". Thoughts?

    This is the playthrough video for the aforementioned remix. It was a fun thing to make, and I wanted to share the result with you. Comments?