solo jazz guitar

  1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    White Christmas || Fingerstyle

    Thanks for watching ! 😉 👍:cheers:
  2. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    White Christmas || Fingerstyle

    Thanks for watching ! 😉 👍:cheers:
  3. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    You and the Night and the Music // 7 String Jazz

    Hello everyone.☕ This week I offered to work on this piece, "You and the Night and the Night", to one of my students and I took the opportunity to do a solo guitar version with my 7-string archtop.🎶 I hope you like it.😉 For more guitar adventures it's here...
  4. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Ain't Misbehavin' | 7 String Solo Jazz Guitar

    Hi. This is my last YouTube video with my Ibanez 7 string jazz guitar. I Hope enjoy it. Thanks for watching and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel... ;-)
  5. M

    3 levels of solo jazz guitar comping

    Thought I'd share this solo Jazz guitar comping exercise! The arrangement builds from using basic jazz guitar chords to adding a full jazz guitar walking bass line as well. There's full tab if needed. Have fun!!!
  6. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Seven String For Christmas - Episode 3

    Christmas Sessions - Episode 3 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Thanks for your attention !
  7. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Foggy Day In London Town + Verse | 7 String Ibanez Archtop

    New video ! Thanks for watching !
  8. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    7 String Solo Jazz with view

    New video here ! Enjoy the view !
  9. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    September Song / 7 String Solo Jazz Guitar

    New Video with my Ibanez 7 string jazz archtop. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel if you like the video!
  10. Jason Spell

    Solo jazz arrangement for Mother's Day (Carvin HH1 Headless content)

    Hey all, I recorded video for Mother's Day. My mom used to sing me this tune when I was a kid, so I did this as a present for her. Lemme know what you think!
  11. F

    Solo Guitar Medley

    Here is vid/mix of some solo gtr tunes I like to goof with. It was taken 8 months after I shattered my right elbow (and told I'd never play again) so it is not as 'tight' as I'd like Solo Jazz Guitar Mix - YouTube Sorry It is not 7 string that is yet to come :)