1. H

    EVH 5150 - Metal

    EVH 5150 - Metal ! Getting chunky tones from this thing..
  2. B

    NGD: Thoughts on Solar A1.6FRD LTD?

    Hey Guys, I'm in the market for a new guitar, and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with the Solar A1.6FRD LTD or another Solar guitar with similar pics. Link to Guitar specs I'm interested in this guitar because: -I want a Floyd Rose bridge since my only other guitar is a...
  3. Z

    New Pickup Recommendations?

    Hi all! Sorry for the long winded post ahead of time lol. I recently picked up a Solar SB1.6 and while I love the feel of the guitar, the pickups leave a bit to be desired, especially in terms of clarity and the mids are scooped. I'm pretty happy with the tone I get out of my 7 string with...
  4. Zhysick

    NGD: Use your Solar powered connection because it's pic heavy

    Hi fellow forumites! Some of you followed my adventure about me deciding which Evertune equipped guitar to buy and this was the result of... the casualities because this is not the guitar I chose but the one I wanted at first (LTD MH1000ET) was in stock, then it wasn't and there was no...
  5. Duraesu

    NGD: Solar A1.7FBR

    Hello everyone! So, long story short: I was considering getting back into the 7 string game but with a multiscale guitar... Since Solar does not make those I went for a Legator N7FP because it seemed nice for the price. It was a mistake. The guitar had poor QC (even had a QC Passed sticker by...
  6. Metropolis

    NGD: Solar SB1.6FOB

    I wanted to try a guitar with Evertune and got this one from Solar Guitars. It feels and sounds great, quality control is exceptional in case of this particular guitar. Evertune has little bit spongy feel like some floating bridges can have, but I don't mind that. System isn't too complicated...
  7. alessandroarzilli

    Solar A2.6W - Any QC quality control issue after 2 years? Did the ebony fretboard crack?

    Hello everyone! Recently I've been reading a lot of comments and new posts from people warning a big drop in quality control for new Solar guitars, so I wanted to share my own review video for my 2019 Solar A2.6W. Spoiler alert: no, my ebony fretboard din't crack. This video is neither...
  8. Metropolis

    NGD: Solar Guitars AB1.6HTPB

    This thing arrived today! I just couldn't resist the combination of bright color and roasted maple fretboard/neck. Immediately gave it a quick setup for my liking with new strings. Swamp ash body is nice and light, everything feels pretty solid. Stainless steel frets are well rounded and one...
  9. alessandroarzilli

    Seymour Duncan Invader Vs Solar - Bridge pickup comparison

    Hello locked down friends! I made a comparison video between the Seymour Duncan Invader SH-8B and the Duncan Solar pickups! I liked the Solar more, beucase I found he Invader a little bit too extreme! I used my awesome cheap custom Jackson Dinky JS22-7 and the same set of strings! What do you think?
  10. MadYarpen

    [NGD] Solar V2.6 TBR

    I wasn't supposed to make this thread, but everyone is so positive about these guitars, and I do have some negative comments, so I wanted to share them. 1 Swamp ash, 25.5 scale, duncan solar, non locking tuners, the rest you can see. It comes with a very nice gigbag. It is a beauty. With the...
  11. Se7enHeaven

    Solar GF1.7FBB (7-string Single Cut)

    Sound What I notice with the pickups is that there is no obvious bass, midrange or treble that dominates, regardless of the pickup position. Certainly the neck pickup is darker and warmer than the bridge pickup (true of any guitar), but it is not muddy or has too much bass. Likewise, the bridge...
  12. H

    Is Solar the best bang for buck for 600 euros?

    I'm going to buy a guitar for metal (no superstrats, just shapes like V or EX) sometime in the near future and I've been looking at Solar guitars and they seem really good. The Explorer shape is going for 600 euros and I've always been a fan of that. Comes with Duncan Solar pickups and grover...
  13. vanaheim_michael

    NGD: Solar V1.7

    First of all, my native language is not English but I want to tell the full story of my Solar V1.7 experience. Unfortunately we have to start with a negative story that turned into a very positive one thanks to Ola and Thomann. Just want to let people know that situations like this can happen...
  14. Abhimanyu

    The "VS" Thread (Having trouble choosing between two or three guitars? Post here!)

    Im really confused between the two.. Ibanez UV777 or Ibanez K7?! :scratch: i mainly play metal and some blues, rock and jazz as well.. I need a guitar catering to all these styles. I know tht the K7 has a mahogany body and the UV is basswood. Im getn both for almost the same price n in mint...
  15. alessandroarzilli

    My top 10 free IR packs for metal

    Hey everybody! I wanted to share with you all my top 10 favorite free IR packs, especially for heavy metal. Most of them were first seen on very old forums and communities (I remember some people talking about them during the 2005-2010 era). I've been using the Catharsis and the GuitarHack ones...
  16. S

    Which Pickup? D Activator, SD SH4 JB or SD Solar

    I'm looking at replacing the stock bridge pickup on my Fender Stagemaster 7. These are the options I'm looking at DiMarzio D Activator 7 - which I can get new from Amazon Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB - found this on a local FB Music group for a good price Seymour Dunca Solar - Don't know much about...
  17. K

    Solar a2.7 neck thickness?

    hi I’m considering buying a solar a2.7 but i wonder how thick is the neck? I have a schecter Hellraiser c1 6 string and the neck feels good and it is pretty close(just a little thicker)to the ibanez wizard 7 string thickness looking at numbers on ibanez and schecter website..So how does the a2.7...
  18. fffoxxx

    Replacing a Solar tuners/bridge with Hipshot?

    I just ordered the Solar Guitars A2.7 (Lemon Neon Matte) and I'm already thinking about some mods... Specifically, replacing: stock standard tuners with hipshot locking tuners (definitely) stock bridge with a hipshot fixed bridge (maybe) Has anyone ever done this mod? How do I know if the...
  19. alessandroarzilli

    Solar A2.6W - Unboxing and review

    I want to share with you all my latest video review of my new Solar Guitars A2.6W white matte six string! It's an absolutely astonishing guitar! Please feel free to share it where you want!
  20. LeviathanKiller

    NGD/Review: Washburn Parallaxe Solar 17ETC (the EverTune one)

    TL;DR Buy this if you want a 25.5" scale EverTune guitar Specs Alder body with forearm contour Carbon black finish Black hardware Maple neck (set-neck) 25.5" scale length Ebony fretboard 16" fretboard Frets 24 jumbo nickel frets Grover tuners EverTune bridge Buzz Feiten Tuning System Guitar...