1. alessandroarzilli

    Random Metal Talking - My new Q&A series

    Hello everyone! I've just started a new series called "Random Metal Talking", where I answer your questions and comments! What do you think of it?
  2. Marc In Exile

    Painted In Exile's COMEBACK SHOW 2016 (1st show in 5 years!)

    Sooo.... I have to let you know (especially you New Yorkers) that we're officially back in action WITH OUR ORIGINAL VOCALIST - and Thursday, January 14th will be our first time back on stage in almost exactly 5 years.... (less than a month away!). It'll be at Revolution on Long Island with our...
  3. M

    Suggestions for songs to play in my band?

    Hey guys! I am currently working on two bands and I need suggestions for some songs to play. These are non metal bands, like, we play rock, jazz, blues and also some more popular songs. You know, entertainment for the general audience.. :scream: Here are some of the ones we currently play...
  4. leechmasterargentina

    Being a Metalhead without long hair

    Couldn't find a better place to discuss this than here. Short (Not hair) story is that I've had long hair for about 15 years in my life. Being a guitar player and singer, I think I had benefitted from having long hair to build a good image on stage, pictures, etc. Thing is since last year I've...
  5. O

    Anyone in the stl area like Chimaira?

    Hit me up, Help us out...Buy some tix and watch the madness. Can give slight ss. org discount. 4/17 @ Fubar Chimaira, Compelled to Destroy, Off the Witness and Viktaulik Tickets only $12. Come support the local music biz. Reply for ticket inquiries. Will deliver.
  6. BTD_Austin

    Despised Icon Reunion Tour!

    Just found out my band is playing this HUGE show. Who's ready for this? Holy Shit.
  7. N

    Montréal guitar show 2012 seven/erg

    Here's a few vids from the Montréal guitar show 2012. I suggest you to check out the links below, some of the pics are pure wood goodness (the prices a bit less, when they accept to give it :lol:). LA GUITARE . COM - SALONS - SALON DE LA GUITARE DE MONTRAL 6ME DITION, 2012 lutherie salon...
  8. TheKindred

    Vancouver Guitar Show This Weekend

    Vancouver Guitar Show Ohhhhh Boy! Looking forward to the Shred Off :shred: anyone here competing? Also the Canadian Loop Station Championship; always cool to watch/listen. $8 and I'm set for the day...GAS to last a year! Who else is going?
  9. lilpendragon

    Metal For Pets - Benefit COncert in Indiana

    Metal For Pets is a benefit concert in which all profits made at this show will be given the the local Humane Association. Items will also be taken for donation at the show. I've gotten 4 local metal bands together to play this event. We're all pretty excited for the show, if you would like more...
  10. lilpendragon

    Jucifer is coming to Bloomington Indiana, locals get in here!

    Jucifer and their wall of amplification will be making an appearance at Rhinos All Ages Club in Bloomington Indiana on October 23rd. The opening bands for the night will be Thorr-Axe and You're A Liar. Rhinos All-Ages Club 331 S Walnut St Bloomington IN...
  11. scottro202

    Thinking of Playing a Show In a Morphsuit

    So, my band will be playing a Halloween party. I want to be as ridiculous as I can get. So, God showed me the ways of a Morphsuit. My only problem is morphsuits cover the hands as well, so i'm wondering how it'd feel playing guitar in one. This guy seems to do it fine: Has anyone tried...
  12. virus5150

    Broke my toe today :/

    So i was enjoying the excruitiating humid and hot heat in maryland today, and decided i was gonna break in the new board and go skaitng with some friends. After hours of sweating my last 8 monnths of wieght gain out, i found a nice 8 stair i wanted to get some tricks on. So on my 2 attempt to...
  13. george galatis

    Greek you've got talent - weird piano playing

    all right this is ridiculous :lol: these two guys play the piano with their di..s (not)
  14. phaeded0ut

    Consumer Electronics Show for 2010

    Wish I were there at the CES 2010, but have to say it looks as though Microsoft was a bit underwhelming according to all of the reports I've read, today... At least we found out that Project Natal is coming out much later this year and that it'll work with the Xbox 360... CES 2010: Microsoft...
  15. MaKo´s Tethan

    Show your bike! if you have one course

    ok, this is my dirt/dh bike, is not a big thing, but I don`t want to expend more money in bikes (I wanna build a house). I use it for urban thing, trialbike, dirt jump and a little down hill, not too much, the fork sucks, need a real one. post your bikes!!
  16. Pauly

    London Guitar Show '08

    LIMS 12-15th June. Anyone going this year? I see they've crammed 4 shows into 1, which means maybe less space unless they've rented out more of ExCeL but should be ok. Vigier are going to be there and I wanted to have a mess about on one of the lefties which is reason enough for me. Oh and...
  17. D

    Good song for rock show?

    Ok, heres the thing: Me and my band would like to set up a big (outdoor) party with a rock show. We would install lights and sell alcool and people could bring their tents to sleep there. I was asking my self what songs we could play to entertain them as much as we can! I tought of band like...