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  1. JoeyJoJoJrShabadoo

    WTB Schecter Banshee Elite 8 PROTOTYPE

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Schecter Banshee Elite 8 Prototype Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): Hardcase would be beneficial for shipping Your Location (City,State or City,Country): UK International OK?: Yes Contact Info (No Phone #s): Here References (eBay or other forum userid)...
  2. R

    Installing lefty 7 string Floyd

    Hey! I have a question about modding. Life has a good sense of humor and said I’ll be left handed, well not a big deal i thought, until I started playing guitar. I was stubborn and started to play on a left handed. So I have limited options when it comes to selecting the ideal guitar for me...
  3. H

    Framus Cobra - Metal

    *This is a profiled Cobra*
  4. Guitarjon

    9-String Amp Comparison (ENGL, Victory, BluGuitar, Boogie, EVH & Marshall)

    Here's something I've been wanting to do for a while now, compare a bunxh of amps with my 9-string to see which amps can handle an instrument with such an extended range. Obviously we have all the high notes and regular notes but also those super low C#-string and low F#-string notes. So this...
  5. Guitarjon

    NGD: Schecter Damien Platinum 9 (30 inch 9-string!)

    I got one of my dream guitars! The Schecter Damien Platinum 9 30 inch scale 9-string! I had to sell my PRS SE 277 Semi-Hollow in order to fund this guitar but I didn't use it much anyways and I've wanted this Schecter for a long time now. The 30 inch scale is what makes this guitar so special...
  6. AkiraSpectrum

    NGD: Schecter KM-7 mkII in see-thru black pearl (used)

    Backstory: This was my first time buying from Reverb, and it turned out great. I saw a used Schecter KM-7 mkII pop up for a good price in Canada and it had me GASing hard. Since the seller was in Canada I didn't have to worry about crazy import fees so I decided to jump on it. I bought it and...
  7. Wynseun

    Does location of a pickup relative to the bridge matter?

    I just bought a 2007 Schecter Hellraiser and noticed that the earlier version (prior to 2008-ish) had the pickups much closer together than the later version. The bridge pickup appears to be routed further away from the bridge by about half an inch or so by the looks of it on the older version...
  8. gachooeychomp

    Help with purchasing first 8 string

    I'm looking at purchasing my first 8 string soon but with the amount of new brands and guitars coming out I start to feel paralysed by choice. My budget is around £1300 so a RG2228 was going to be my choice but I don't want to discount any options, what would you recommend as a good solid...
  9. CloudAC

    WTB Schecter KM-7 MKIII Hybrid or Artist (UK)

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: Schecter KM-7 MKIII Hybrid or Artist Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): If you have a case with it, I am open to buying it. Your Location (City,State or City,Country): Scotland, United Kingdom International OK?: Preferably UK but open to EU Contact Info (No...
  10. T

    Help me chose my first 7 string between these

    Hi! I’m soon gonna be buying my first 7 strings and I found 4 models that I like but I’d like some advice for which I should chose , I play deathcore and a bit of metalcore. the 4 models are : Charvel NOVA-7 Schecter C-1 SLS elite 7 Schecter KM-7 MKII (version with Sentient/nazgul I believe)...
  11. E

    Schecter help

    Ayo, I know this gets asked to death but need some guidance of the schecter line up Looking for a 7 string mid range £500 Mark, iv aeens the Omen elite/extreme, Damien, and Banshee and unsure to much what the superior models are as I'm aware whats on paper and what's acturlly there in turns of...
  12. jamcss777

    Ibanez RG 5328 or Schecter C8 Multiscale SLS Elite Evil Twin

    Hey guys! I want to buy a new 8 strings guitar, ibanez or schecter. schecter c8 has a 7pc neck looks very beautiful and hard, it has fishman fluence modern pickups, i like active pickup especially fishman, they are quiet diversity and great tone; but i don't like multi scale, multi scale makes...
  13. Boofchuck

    NBD (I'm in love/Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 String)

    Pictures First. Then the review. So, not really new as I got this bass almost a year ago. But after having it this long I feel I can give a fair review. I'm in love with this thing. This is my first bass, and it's one of the most enjoyable instruments I've put my hands on. I purchased it...
  14. CovertSovietBear

    Incorporating expansive sweep patterns (video)

    I've been playing around with these patterns and wanted to get feedback on how I could incorporate the 6th/7th strings. Was thinking I could add the lower octaves of some of these notes? My theory knowledge is limited as I only picked up bits here and there from being in jazz band in high...
  15. C

    Stripped trust rod nut options

    Hi everyone, last month I've bought a used 5 string schecter stiletto custom at a very good price, although after sending it at my guitar tech he found out that the Trust rod nut was stripped clean. I've contacted schecter, they said that that the nut was a 2 action Trust rod and the nut was...
  16. Corporial Bodies

    FT Schecter Hellraiser C7 UK

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Here is my Schecter Hellraiser C-7 in black cherry, fitted with Fishman Fluence Modern pickups. I no longer need this guitar and feel the need for a nice fender strat or tele or something with single coils, so ideally open for trades. What have you...
  17. Amar's Music

    Mayones solo contest. do you think?

    This is my entry for the MRNBCONTEST using my Schecter C7 FR SLS Elite. This was a lot of fun to do. Did anyone else here participate?
  18. J

    How good is the Keith Merrow km6 mk2?

    So, long story short, I never upgraded the pickups on my old guitar or bought a new one like I planned to do. I´ve played more and practiced more and I´m planning on getting a more intermediate guitar. I´m thinking of buying this used km6 mk2 I found on Reverb for 800 euro. Is it worth it? Can...
  19. Prayfordarkness

    Master Effects Marauder, the Peavey Bandit / Supreme 160 pedal!

    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Master Effects Pedals? I just found out about them this year, they are based out of the city where I live, and I've been blown away by some of the pedals they're making. The first one that hooked me was the "Martyr", which is a Marshall Valvestate 8100...
  20. mbardu

    [NotQuiteNGD] Peak Schecter Diamond series Anniversary wooden goodness

    Another late NGD to go through. Better do it now than never though! I missed on the initial release of those Anniversary C-1s (before I was that interested in import Shecters), and regretted it quite a few times. They do sometimes pop up despite the limited numbers, but sometimes in less than...