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  1. Guillaume SIMON Jazz

    Can't help falling in love

    Thanks for watching ! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like the music ! 😉 👍
  2. L


    Hi guys, Recently I've decided to take up the task of learning to play a guitar. Originally I thought there to only be two types of guitar; acoustic and electric. However I have since learned of there to be many different types.of course different brands and such make various types of guitar. I...
  3. BladeDTMGuitarist

    Hard Rock Band Seeks Members, Missouri

    Lead Guitarist forming a hard rock band. I've been playing guitar for eight years, I'm looking for experienced musicians to join a hard rock band. All musicians must be able to write original material, have their own gear, be ready and able to tour.
  4. BladeDTMGuitarist

    Forming Classic Rock/Hard Rock Band

    I'm in the St.Louis, Mo area and looking for musicians to form a classic rock/hard rock band that writes original songs. I have been playing guitar for eight years, bass for four years, have gigging, and recording experience. All musicians must have atleast 5 years experience and be resdy to...
  5. P


    East Texas metal/rock and roll band Signs Of Fall has just released 2 tracks off their upcoming E.P. to their facebook and reverbnation pages. If you like to move go listen! Signs of Fall | Facebook Signs of Fall | Lufkin, TX | Metal / Hardcore / Rock and Roll | Music, Lyrics, Songs, and...