1. neurosis

    Silent recording and playing based on my current setup.

    Hey all, current family circumstances make it hard for me to use my studio at all times. I work long hours and after 7:30 the room has to be occupied meaning I can’t get access to my gear. Technically it’s all mobile: AX8 and MacBook Pro 2012 I have been trying to use the Neural Nolly vst and...
  2. Estilo

    Totally new to interfaces and digital gear, what are my rig options from here?

    So I've just made my first ever foray into the digital realm with a purchase of a Zoom UAC-2. The last 6 months of total working from home has given me plenty of time to evaluate my life choices and has got me back into guitar playing after several years off. And rather than noodling around, I...
  3. Forkface

    beginner rig for a non-guitar player

    So I've looked thru some threads and found mostly "guitar players looking for a first bass", so this is to get some input for a first time anything player. Context is that my youngest sister just told me she is interested in learning to play bass, and i got really excited cause its the first...
  4. Møkshā

    Finding Your Desired Sound On Your Processor

    Just curious if any of you have a standard process or method by which you go about creating your desired sound on a processor. Want to understand the journey from have an idea in your mind to finding the right settings on an amp modeler such as the line 6 pod x pro or fractal fx.
  5. ChugThisBoy

    Trying out new things (maybe)

    Hey folks. Yeah, it's that time of a year again - I feel the urge to try out new things. Basically, I've decided to sell my Helix LT and get something else for live playing. Not that I was not happy with it because I totally was - this thing is awesome and I just feel that I don't use it...
  6. broj15

    NRD - Cvlt Content

    Pic first, words after. So here's my current set up Ibanez rg570/shitty squire p/j bass->boss os-2->clean channel of the vk100->peavey 2x15 So between not being happy with my old rig (6505 combo ran in stereo w/ a fender HRD) and being in-between bands I decided to sell off the old and buy...
  7. D

    Help me buy my first rig! NEED ADVICE

    So I recently formed a progressive metal/djent/tech metal band with some guys online and it's crunch time (pun intended) for me to buy a decent rig so we can shape our sound more I've been playing for a while now but I've never really focused on my tone so I mainly use guitar rig 5 or sometimes...
  8. LordGloom

    Lightweight Laney IRT Studio and GSP1101 Rig

    I built this awhile back, but never got around to posting it. The idea was to put together something in a rack that had both tube and modeling capabilities, was relatively lightweight, had the ability to run wireless, and possibly provide a little storage. I also wanted a simple way of...
  9. broj15

    Thinking of overhauling my rig... Help me decide!

    Okay SSO, I've kinda grown tired of my current rig and I'm looking to change it up a little, and since this is the best source on the web for this kind of thing I've decided to call upon y'all for advice. Right now my current rig is a Jackson js22-7 w/ the stock pups (just got back into the 7...
  10. B

    Issues with POD XT PRO

    Okay, I've had this unit for around 6 months with no issues, I scored off of a local classified and it came loaded with the Metal Shop and FX Junkie model packs and was a sweet deal, all of my tones involved things from those packs, such as the big bottom, bomber uber, boost + eq (etc.) I had...
  11. Dani2901

    Engl\fractal Audio Plug & Play rig

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: After a few years it's time for a little change. In this case i'm selling my beloved Engl rig. It in great condition and works 100%. Since I bought every single piece of gear new I never pulled it out its rackcase. This whole rig includes...
  12. Valnob

    Help me pick a Midi foot controller

    Hey guys, I already have a few pedals in my rig (OCD, Muff, NS2, +tuner and power supply), and i'm planning on buying some more pedals (delay, reverb and tremolo and maybe other stuff). I think I need a midi controller because i want to be able to push one button and activate the delay...
  13. broj15

    Help me build a bass rig

    So I'm trying to help my bass player piece together a new rig. He already has a hartke 4x10 so the cab portion is covered. After listening to some demos and talking to a couple friends who have also used it we've both decided the Tech 21 sansamp bass driver is the way to go so I guess all we...
  14. Gmork

    Thinking about using trouble free (safe) guitar rig

    Played a gig last night where suddenly my huge high gain 6505 lead tone became pretty much a clean tone mid song. What the hell happened?! I have no clue, ccords? Pedals? Ended up just cranking the gain to 6 . Normally i like it on 2 and think thats plenty for a good live tone. Spent the...
  15. N

    What amp/combination of pedals can make me sound like this?

    Hello!, This is my first post of many here, and I wanted to ask a question. What can make me sound like this? https://soundcloud.com/nahupyrope/mellow-as-fck It's a song I made, I have to polish some mistakes, and I used Recabinet 4, a marshall compressor and an Ibanez S570DXQM for it, dual...
  16. S

    Bedroom guitarist moving up to playing house parties/clubs

    Hey guys, this is my first post so bear with me. I've been playing guitar about 7 years, almost exclusively in my bedroom and at friends' houses. I'll be moving to college this upcoming semester, and me and my buddy are forming a group to hopefully play some house shows and maybe at various...
  17. Moe110

    Best Bass Heads for $1k or less

    Looking for opinions on the best bang for you buck bass heads. trying to keep it under $1000 (AUD). PLaying death metal. May need to invest in a new cab to so gimme combinations, heads, cabs the lot.....:hbang:
  18. Oceandrinksboat

    Eleven Rack vs Pod HD Pro

    My opinion is biased because I've been a Line 6 guy since day 1. but I want to know what you guys think and what's a better buy and for what reasons.
  19. FaintHeartedness

    JamUp XT Pro/Bias to PC DAW?

    My growing distaste with my POD HD has been bugging me in the back of my head for some time now. I've owned it for 2 years now and no copious amounts of tweaking has gotten me a good hi-mid gain (some would call it djent) tone. Enter JamUp/Bias, which i bought just for the lulz and for seldom...
  20. T

    Josh Travis of TTDTE Questions

    I have a few questions that I can not for the life of me figure out by myself. I love The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Josh Travis' playing in this band. 1. How does he get his set up so he can play high harmonies without his low chugging being harmonized? His leads have a...