rig setup

  1. Masquerade

    Help on building a rig

    When I say Rig, I pretty much mean a better setup to what I have now Currently I have a LTD 350NT and a old Crate GT65 amp Pedalboard- Boss Noise Suppressor, TC Polytune mini (Noir), AKG mini wireless and a Fuel Tank Chameleon to power it. So I've joined my first band and with starting to play...
  2. synrgy

    Noisy Rig; Soliciting Suggestions

    Djentlemen and Ladies, I'm playing in a band again! Super stoked, and it's going very well. However, I'm experiencing some serious noise issues with my amp/rig. I recently acquired a Boss NS-2 in an attempt to address the issue with only so-so results, but I'm not sure if I have my pedals...