1. JoeGuitar717

    27" or 28.65" 8 string

  2. H

    RGA8 Pickup debate

    Hi all, sooo ive been reading all over the forums about swapping the stock pickups in the Ibanez RGA8 to, well something else.. but im more confused now than when I started researching :wallbash:. I have never used active pickups before so im not entirely sure of the natural tone difference's...
  3. H

    Hey all new 8 string owner

    Hi peeps im a new RGA8 owner and in need of LOTS of advice so here I am! I play in a ausy metal band Hesitate & Die :metal: check out our stuff, BTW the site is black @ the mo awaiting new artwork but songs are still up and some videos Hesitate & Die on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s...
  4. Aris_T

    NGD RGA-8

    Yet another RGA-8 in this forum! Wish it wasn't black, but I love it anyway! Posted the pics on Jemsite, but I'd like to share with you guys too! Group pic with my new moddified RG1527