1. W

    First cheap 8 string: Ibanez or Agile?

    Hey guys, I was thinking about getting my first 8 string and I've narrowed it down to an Ibanez RG8 or a similarly priced Agile. I've heard some horror stories about Agiles but also heard that they can be really great too. The Ibanez seems like it's more of a safe bet but it doesn't look as good...
  2. Inamorata

    Ibanez RG8 Mixing Test

    So I've been fiddling around with Logic for awhile now and I wanted to share this mix test I did based off of an After The Burial song (Neo Seoul). Tell me what you think and please give advice and suggestions as to how I can improve my mixing because I'm just an amateur! :shred: GEAR: Ibanez...
  3. Fulgrim

    Agonising over BKP choices (RG8 content)

    Hey all, long-time lurker reporting in with a question that I'm sure has been done to death. I've searched all over though and read extensively on this question, I'm basically only asking because I'm still unsure and I'm looking for input. I've got an RG8, finally decided it's time to...
  4. T

    NGD Honda civic, woops I mean RG8 content

    Hey guys, I don't post here much (like 3 times maybe haha) but I lurk quite a bit. Just thought I'd post my ngd, picked up an ibanez rg8 yesterday. Its in perfect condition. Some guy got it and didn't play it, decided 8 string wasn't for him, and I picked it up for $200, not bad if I do say so...
  5. FirstTurtle

    NGD Ibanez RG8

    Also, first post! So, hi everyone. You may not know it... or maybe you do? Maybe like when you can notice someone staring at you, but I've been lurking here for a loooong time. I've learned a lot, and actually became addicted to the frequent guitar pr0n. Also, the countless hours scouring...
  6. WrldEtrBenny

    Wiring help please! :/

    hey guys, i've don some searching but everything i've found is making it more confusing. i have a set of lace deathbar/xbar in my rg8 and i've recently bought all new pots and 3way switch. and i don't know how to wire it up :/, i want two volume as i have never actually used the tone knob...
  7. starvingartist

    8 string rig

    Okay, so i just recently bought an Ibanez RG8. im lookin to change out the pickups in the near future. But i was wondering what you all were using as an amp/cab and head rig? right now im just using a cheap peavey vypyr 30 modeling amp haha.. i need an upgrade:P :shrug:
  8. Whitechapelx

    RG8 or H338?? Which is better..

    So i've had my ESP LTD H338 up on craigslist for a couple days, and a guy emails me about trading me his white Ibanez RG8 (The $400 model). Good trade? I've never played a RG8 before, should I trade? It's an even trade I believe. Thanks guys lemme know!
  9. Decapitated666

    FS/FT Ibanez RG8 (MODDED)

    FEELER: Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG8 that I originally bought form MikeyENGL on here. Thing is pretty sweet condition. I haven't played much on it at all. Is equipped with brand new Circle K strings as well. This thing was just aesthetically modded very well by the...
  10. guitaardvark

    Would putting an Edge III 8 on an RG8 work?

    I hate the stock bridge and want to swap it. Hipshots require extra routing. Would an Edge III 8 like from a RG2228 or RGA8 work on an RG8 without much difficulty?
  11. Daf57

    Ibanez 8 String Comparison - RG8/Iron Label

    I know this is asked quite a bit so here is a comparison video on the RG8 and the IronLabel - FWIW. :cool: IBANEZ 8 STRINGS COMPARISON - RG8 VS. RGIR8FE
  12. Chi

    White RG8's in Germany

    So I've looked up Thomann and other music stores around Germany. And not once I was able to find a white RG8. I've contacted Thomann and they've told me that they can't get their hands on any. Would anyone here like to explain to me why ? I mean come on...a white RG8. Who doesn't want one? :C
  13. Ron Head

    RG8 RNHD II extreme mod

  14. guitaardvark

    Good 8 string bridge?

    So I have an Ibanez RG8 that I bought for a second guitar for a show and now that the show has been played, I figured I'd make this guitar a bit nicer. Gonna swap pickups, tuners, and the bridge. I absolutely hate the stock bridge (it has some sort of screws sticking up and out of it, making...
  15. papazappa13

    Pickup Wiring Configuration Question!!!

    Hi, I'm about to get Dimarzio D-Activators 8s for my RG8 And I'm planning to replace my 3 way switch for a 5 way however I really want to milk the hell out of my tone for this, so I was considering putting a 2 way DPDT Switch installed as well to the 5 way switch As you know the RG8 is only a 2...
  16. M

    First 8-String! RG8? RGA8? RGIR28FE? SC608?

    So...I finally deceided to get an 8-string because I want to play on Drop F or E! After looong research I found 4 guitars that I would fit (scale length, design, price) Ibanez RG8 (400€) Ibanez RGA8 (580€) Ibanez RGIR28FE (725€) ESP LTD SC-608B (1070€) But which is the best for it's...
  17. Decapitated666

    NGD: Modded RG8

    Scored a sweet modded RG8 from MikeyENGL on here! Super stoked on this cause it's my first 8 string! Couldn't resist the way it looked!
  18. A

    8 String Help - Ibanez RGA8 Vs RG8

    So I've got a bit of a situation here... I'm trying to decide between an RGA8 and the new RG8. Right away I know its a bit of an odd comparison because the RGA8 is the same price as the new Iron Label 8 - but there is a used RGA8 locally that I can get for $500. The RG8 for me is 499 because of...
  19. R

    RG8 vs. Agile Septor 827

    I've been playing a seven string for about a year now and I've decided I'd like to expand downward an extra fifth with a low E. haha. I am a student who also needs to save up for a new car, so I'm looking to spend less than $450 dollars, so the obvious choices were these 2 guitars. I'd like to...
  20. Oske7

    Looking at getting an RG8, a few questions first

    Like the title says, I'm thinking about checking out a white RG8! What are your opinions on that guitar overall? If I do end up getting it, I know I'll want to mod it over time (white headstock, new pickups, maybe BK Aftermath 8s? Not quite sure yet) Basically what I'd like to know - do you...