1. broj15

    What else will I need for a home recording set up?

    Context: I've decided that my musical/artistic goal for 2023 is to write, record, and release a solo album. If I had to put genre tags on it I'd say it spans all genres of "extreme" music, but to be specific I mostly gravitate towards the doom, drone, sludge, grind, early industrial, no wave...
  2. Roberto Djentz

    Is it me or does REAPER (DAW) sound muddy/congested/crammed/flat?

    I have been using reaper for about 2 years, chasing tones and mixing over and over. I can't seem to get it to sound crisp/clear without sounding harsh. But the biggest battle is not sounding congested and muddy. I have tried EQing, panning, stereo wideners, compression, etc etc. It just somehow...
  3. R

    Guitar DI Sounds Boomy/Muddy

    - Brand new Kiesel 7-string multiscale - Brand new strings - Lundgren M7 pickups - Tried multiple interfaces (MOTU M2 and Apogee Jam Plus) and cables with the same results - Ensured gain is at proper levels and tone knob is at max Example: Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Roberto Djentz

    Best plugin for DOOM/Argent/Cyber Djent? (8 string tones)

    Extremely curious to know if anyone has dabbled in the Mick Gordon DOOM style genre, and if they know of a good amp sim that isn't too grindy/fuzzy/hissy. I've tried dropping the gain on my amp sim (Archetype Petrucci), I've tried different IRs and speaker/mic positions. I just can't seem to get...
  5. neurosis

    What constitutes a great metal recording tone?

    I recently started exploring the Lasse Lammert presets for Axe FX and noticed his tones are incredibly dry and thick. Generally I have been dialing in and playing with tones that felt way more wet and spongy in comparison, with way more air and sustain. I am having trouble playing convincingly...
  6. Kiju

    Electric Guitar Recording sound muffled but playback is fine.

    Hi! I just got my first electric guitar and immediately tried recording on my computer. The recording sounded muffled but the playback is really clean and good. I only have an Amp Simulator on my rack effect and nothing more. I'm recording directly onto my Audio Interface and not using any...
  7. B

    Help w/ Neural DSP - No Output

    Hey everyone, I've been having some odd issues as of late with Neural DSP. The Standalone apps work just fine. However, for about a week or so now, the Neural plugins (Nolly and Gojira) won't produce sound in my DAW (Reaper). My other plugins work fine. I can see that I am producing a signal...
  8. rippedflesh89

    Guitar Tracking Tips

    I'm pretty new to recording (I've done a fair amount of home recording but have never worked with a professional) and was wondering what process others use to track guitar. My main goal is to pick up speed through the tracking and editing process. My current approach is to record riff by riff...
  9. S

    Truss Rod Cover

    Hello, anyone of you here have any experience recording guitar at the studio with the guitar’s TRUSS ROD cover open? Or closed? I have experienced it myself that when i open the truss rod cover it sound more clear and when it closes it sounds damp. Im going to order a custom guitar soon and...
  10. Z

    What is giving this bright tone?

    Hi there! I'm looking for a particular tone you can hear in the intro rhythm section of this YT video below: Its close to the original which is: I happen to know the original tone came from an ESP tele and POD farm.. i dont have a tele but as i saw in the cover version its not really a...
  11. J

    Cab options for 6505 head in studio????

    Hey y’all. I been out of the game for a while, long while actually. But in the last year the bug has bitten me hard again and I started jamming around with a few guys and it’s coming together rather nicely. So we’ve booked some studio time to try to capture some of our best ideas. I’ve got a...
  12. DoctorStoner

    Video Editing Programs

    As part of recording and putting music out there, I bet a bunch of us are using video editing software to make bedroom music videos and lyric videos, etc. The two I've used are free versions on PC (with some limitations) and I would highly recommend one and avoid the other like the plague. I...
  13. Krazy Kalle

    My first demo album

    First of all, the link to the album on soundcloud: I would say it is some kind of experimental, alternative, nu, and maybe a very little bit of progressive metal. I wrote these songs over 10 years ago and finally got my depressed ass up...
  14. D

    FS Neumann KH80DSP Studio Monitor Pair ($1075 CDN)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Pair of Neumann KH80DSP Studio Monitors purchased this year. Mint condition. Used very sparingly as I'm sharing workspaces and there's just not enough area in the 'music' space. Modifications (if any): None. Accessories (hardshell case etc)...
  15. B

    Programming w/ MT Power Drummer: Splash Issues

    Hey Guys, I've been using MT Power Drummer to program drums for my songs. And, I was wondering how you guys mix the splash? There doesn't seem to be a specific track for the splash cymbal in the plugin's own mixer. I will show a screen shot below too. So, how do you mix the splash then? I am...
  16. jaco815

    Math Rock - Ent Tribute Album (Carson McWhirter - the legend)

    Hey folks I haven't posted here in a long time, but I thought I'd share my band's tribute album to the great early 2000's central California math/prog rock band Ent. They were an amazing band that ultimately had a huge impact on math rock as a genre and had an enormous impact on me as a...
  17. alessandroarzilli

    Record guitars at home on computer and sound awesome - My easy home recording tutorial

    Hi everyone! Thinking of helping the less experienced members of this great community, today I'm going to be teaching how to record your guitar or bass at home, using only your computer and a soundcard, but getting an awesome tone!
  18. RiDimSky93

    How to get that palm muting sound

    Hi everyone! I'm new here and I hope this is the right section for this thread. I was listening to some records from the band Helloween, and I was wondering how can I get the palm muting sound that they have used in some of their songs. A few examples: in this song, from 0.47 to 1.13 in...
  19. Guitarjon

    Tube amp / Loadbox / IR hybrid setup

    Hey guys, I thought some of you might find this interesting or handy! It's basically a walkthrough of my setup when I'm working with tube amps. I tend to usually use my amps with my Fractal Audio LB-2 loadbox and OH IR's rather than using real cabs, so this could offer some insight on getting...
  20. PsychoR

    Preamp Pedal + Cabsim VS Multi-effects Pedal VS Plugins for Direct Recording???

    Greetings, I have been a browser of this forum for years and years but today I finally decided to make an account here. With that being said, I am faced with a dilemma, and am simply seeking insight and/or opinions pertaining to it. I have been operating a home studio for almost a decade now...