1. guitaardvark

    Replacement bridge/saddles for PRS SVN?

    Hey everyone, So I've had my SVN for about two months and absolutely adore it. However, the largest string that the bridge will accept is around a .64, whereas I prefer a .68 or above. Are there any drop in saddles or replacement bridges that will accept a larger string? Thanks!
  2. XPT707FX

    Prs MT100 in the works

    So according to Tremonti’s instagram there is a MT100 in the works
  3. guitaardvark

    How to Help an Inexplicably Dark Sounding Guitar Sound Better?

    So I just picked up a 2003 PRS Custom 22 a few weeks ago. I love it, but it's almost unreasonably dark sounding. I swapped out the stock Dragon II pickups for a Sentient/Nazgul set, which helped a little bit, but compared to my other guitars with pickups like a DiMarzio Titan, Tone Zone T, and...
  4. guitaardvark

    Is this insane deal on a PRS legit?

    Hey all, So I'm in the market for a PRS and found this: (same guitar can be found here: For a 10 top core, even an old one, that's a ridiculous price, and...
  5. S

    Difference between PRS Mike Mushok and 277

    are there any big differences between the PRS Mike Mushok model that was discontinued compared to the 277? I’ve got the Ibanez MMM1 and would love to have a PRS Mike Mushok to add to my Baritone collection. But was wondering if the Mike Mushok model just became the 277 when they discontinued it.
  6. jmeezle

    FS PRS Holcomb SE

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 9/10 condition PRS Mark Holcomb SE Modifications (if any): Speed knobs added in place of the stock tone and volume knobs Accessories (hardshell case etc): Soft case Location (City,State or City,Country): Rittman, OH International OK?: No Contact Info...
  7. Fistertain

    FS PRS Archon 100 Head for Trade / Sale $1200 + Shipping

    I have a PRS Archon head I'm looking to trade + cash for a Mesa Mark V, JP2C or possibly a Mark IV if it's a particularly good sample. It is good shape outside of a very small tear in the tolex on the top of the head, can’t really see it unless you are closely inspecting the amp. It lived most...
  8. Eden

    Push/Pull stuck in pull position

    Hey all, Last night at band practice the push/pull knob on my guitar got stuck in the out position, I'm able to push it in, but it immediately pops back out. Has anyone had a similar problem and have any ideas on fixing it? Or should I just take it to a tech? I'd definitely like to have my...
  9. L

    NGD. PRS Mark Holcomb SE

    Will post pics later but I just got my prs Mark holcomb for my birthday today. I love it. The finish is absolutely amazing, no sharp frets, no rough spots or finish issues. Feels rather light for a prs and well balanced. My concern right now is a couple things, I live in la California and it...
  10. Z

    WTB Mayones Regius, Duvell Qatsi, Aristides,Jackson Ht6 usa

    Gear/Guitar Wanted: 1. Mayones Regius 2. Mayones Duvell Qatsi 3. Aristides 060 4. Jackson Ht6 bulb usa Additional Accessories (hardshell case etc): yes please Your Location (City,State or City,Country): im in malaysia but we can sort things out, i already bought a couple of guitars from the...
  11. L

    Cant decide..Ltd NW44 or PRS Mark Holcomb SE

    Ive played the latter of the two and it felt amazing. Looks cool, sound is off the charts, and just feels like a good instrument. I love periphery and I love ADTR. Ive always wanted an eclipse but never got along with the 24.75 scale length plus the usual emgs they would throw in. Theyre very...
  12. dr_kotasz

    FS [EU] 3 pcs of high-end guitars! PRS, Ibanez Prestige & Fibenare

    FS/FT my PRS. The “Black Beauty”. 2001, Singlecut model, made in USA! Reason: Optimalization, need for a good rig. Specification: • body: mahogany w/ maple top, • neck: mahogany w/ rosewood fingerboard, set neck, • 25˝ scale, 22 frets, 10”-es radius, • wraparound bridge, • 2 volume, 2 tone...
  13. ApixaMonkey

    PRS Sliver Sky - Just another Strats??

    Looks like another Strats of some sort, it feel likes something else. This guitar has most things right in the Strats camp but the ‘headstock’ seems to be annoyed loads Fender diehard fanboys. There is something special about this axe that goes beyond specs and designs. It’s well balanced and...
  14. Guitarjon

    PRS MT15 vs Mesa Boogie, ENGL, EVH, Orange, Peavey & Laney!

    Hey guys! It took some effort but I finally finished this new epic comparison! :) I recently got a PRS MT15 and I thought it would be a lot of fun to see how it compared to some of my other amps. The results are pretty interesting but I would really love to know what your thoughts are! I will...
  15. Guitarjon

    QNGD: Quadruple New Guitar Day! (PRS SE277 Baritone & Mushok Content)

    Lol, I know this may come across as a little extravagant but please allow me to explain how this happened. It started a few weeks back when I was playing a lot on my LTD EC401B Baritone. I just realized that I really love 6-string baritones and I felt like it was a shame that I only had that...
  16. Guitarjon

    NAD: PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti 15w head (it's a beast)

    I got my PRS MT15 amp a few days ago and I'm super happy with it! When I first unpacked the amp I immediately noticed that it was slightly bigger than I was expecting. It's quite a bit larger than my small Orange Dark Terror and Jim Root but it's comparable to the Dual Terror, a little deeper...
  17. S

    Which Baritone? Ibanez RGIB6 or PRS SE Mike Mushok?

    I'm am deciding between two Baritones. I can get a new Ibanez RGIB6 for $485, or I can get a used PRS SE Mike Mushok Baritone for $430? Which model would you go for? I have read good things up about both, so hard decision. Guess the one big thing is the RGIB6 with EMG's vs the Stock passives...
  18. AlexJPA

    NGD - PRS MT 15 with unboxing

    I was craving one of these amps since they were announced at Namm but unfortunatly everytime I checked my online go to stores they were always sold out. Finally I was able to grab one and they sound just great, couldn't believe how loud the amp is until I was able to hear it in person. I just...
  19. JoshXR

    8 String Melodic Metal Song: "The Lost, The Cost" by Global Chaos

    Hello! My name is Joshua, and I recently released my first 8 string song. I've posted on this site a few times, but I've mainly been a lurker for years. I am a songwriter, guitarist and small recording studio owner. For years, I've wanted to pursue a solo project where I could...
  20. Cheap

    NGD. You guys are gonna hate it!

    Big writeup, scroll for pic: Just got this in over the weekend! As much as I love humbuckers, I can't get them to work for my hands or the sounds I'm hearing in my head. So much so that I let go of my gorgeous Custom 24 Stoptail and found a killer deal on this Silver Sky from a shop in North...