1. AkiraSpectrum

    NGD: PRS S2 Standard 24 Satin (Charcoal)

    I'll keep this short and sweet. Sold my Gibson Les Paul Menace, used the money to purchase this guitar before the $400 (CAD) price hike. The build quality on this PRS is miles ahead of my old Gibson. The neck is chunkier than I remember these being (Pattern Regular--the 2022's will now have the...
  2. ItWillDo

    NGD: Private Stock Friday - PRS Custom 24 "Chesapeake Bay"

    Private Stock guitars have always felt completely out of reach back when I was a 'wee lad', so it's a great feeling & honor to be able to acquire such a beautiful piece as this one, and be able to call myself the first (non-dealer) owner. Finish: Indian Ocean Sunset Glow, High Gloss Nitro Top...
  3. U

    My accidental 7 String scale length experiment with a twist ending

    So a few weeks ago, I purchased a PRS 7 String. I have been wanting one for a while, one of the reasons (apart from I love 6 string PRS's) is the scale length (26.5 inch) which I think is the best for 7 strings. So it arrived and I immediately set it up in A Standard with 10-62s and was pretty...
  4. Pietjepieter

    New album and music video of my band Subspectral

    Hy guys my band subspectral released their first album today! As well as our first music video! I am very proud of it so I thought I need to make a thread to show it to your guys! Hope you have time to give it a look, teaser: there is some guitar porn in it: Red Layer, PRS, Ibby headless bass...
  5. ItWillDo

    NGD: PRS Custom 24 Wood Library 10-Top

    PRSCUSTOM24_side by ItWillDo posted Jan 31, 2022 at 8:59 PM Recently I got into more ambient music and I wanted an axe that would serve the purpose, aside from the fact that I was just GAS'ing really hard for a PRS. After searching around on Reverb for a while, I fell completely in love with...
  6. Jake

    FS /FT PRS Custom 22- 10 Top- BKPs

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 2000 PRS Custom 22 Hardtail 10 top in Red Modifications (if any): BKP Silos installed by previous owner Accessories (hardshell case etc): HSC- but not the original PRS Case Location (City,State or City,Country): Harrisburg, PA International OK? : No...
  7. budda

    The gnarliest tone I've heard from an Axe Fx, I think two drive blocks feeding a fairly modded AD200 into 2x Orange 212 IR's (thanks @Guitarjon for that tidbit!). The guitar in this was my PRS SC594 semi-hollow limited. Here's a Gibson LP standard P90 with one drive block for comparison...
  8. U

    PRS Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Review

    Yes, I know it's a misnomer to put a 25.5 inch scale guitar in this space. That said, the Tremonti 'Baritone' has really surprised me over the 8 months of ownership I was lucky enough to get it in a custom Dark Cherry Sunburst colour (This run only came in 6 other colours) and it's quite...
  9. budda

    New trade day: custom 24 artist pkg

    I traded my huber krautster II plus cash for this one. Single owner, bought new in Toronto. 2017 custom 24 artist package: - maple neck (wide-thin) - ebony board - outline birds - 85/15s - hybrid hardware - artist paisley case It's a fun one!
  10. JDinSC

    Any body own a PRS Custom 24 with Ash body wood?

    I'd love to hear your thoughts, as I've got a chance to jump on a Wood Library run and there's a pretty wildly spec'd Custom 24 that I think is going to be my choice. Spec summary: Ash body Quilted WL top Flamed Maple Neck Flamed Maple Fretboard PRS 58/15+ overwound pickups. "Vintage Hot" and...
  11. MAJ Meadows SF

    BKPs for PRS Swamp Ash & Maple Guitar

    New PRS Custom 24, and I’d love some pickup opinions. I am underwhelmed with the 59/09 bridge and 85/10 neck. They have their merits but just can’t drive most amps. It was a safe, do it all set. I need to push the amp hard or use pedals on a SLO 30, JCM 800, KSR Ares, 5150, and even the Yamaha...
  12. technomancer

    FS PRS SC245 Artist Package Brazilian

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: PRS SC24 Artist Package with Brazilian Rosewood fretboad in excellent condition. Pattern neck. Accessories: Includes black PRS Artist Package hard case. Location: Pittsburgh PA USA International OK? : Continental US only Contact Info: PM me here...
  13. zeppelinrock34

    FS /FT Mayones Setius GTM7 Black Flame trade for PRS Suhr Parker Kiesel

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Mayones Setius 7 Gtm in Black flamed maple. This is a gorgeous guitar, I just got a multiscale and I prefer the tension. I might trade for a Mayones 6 string or another high end 6 though. There are some small dings and one chip on the edge of the...
  14. Guitarjon

    The nu metal sound! (PRS into Dual & Mini Rectifier)

    Hey guys, I got my beautiful PRS SC58 last week. I traded my Ibanez RGT320Z for it and I'm super stoked about it but that's another story. So when I think of PRS I tend to think of bands from the late 90s and early 2000s, you know, those 'nu metal' bands like Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Sevendust...
  15. zeppelinrock34

    FT PRS SE Custom 24 seven string *Axe Palace custom order* w/Mods

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Bought this at the Axe Palace, they made a custom order of the 7 string customs with mother of pearl inlays and nicer quilted maple tops. This one was from 2016. It's in overall great condition though it has one ding by the jack that I filled...
  16. U

    NGD: PRS USA Core Holcomb with an outstanding top

    Hi folks, I don't think I have posted here before (been a bit of a lurker) but thought you might like this one. I am (since 2 weeks ago so this is a belated NGD) a proud owner of a core Holcomb. It cost an arm and a leg as these things are going up in value and I had to literally cajole the...
  17. ockis23

    WTB Paul Reed Smith Mike Mushok spalted maple

    What's up everyone?! I'm putting the feelers out there if any of you have one of these and are considering to rehome it! Located in Mesa, AZ. I have lots of solid references if needed. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  18. Tyler1993

    Just received new PRS Halcomb 7 & I wanted to know if this seems normal..

    Seems like there’s a very small Knick and then some glue or something around where the neck is attached. The glue / sticky substance wipes away. Just never really experienced this with a new guitar. Perhaps it’s just the way the neck was attached. Anything I should be concerned about?
  19. JejeLaFrite

    PRS SE SVN upgrade

    Hello! I was really happy with my PRS SVN, but felt the pickup were not tight enough for the music I write. I has a couple of green juggernaut on the side, and decided to get them covered and throw them inside. Here's the original guitar: Here is with the Juggernaut inside: For some...
  20. B

    Daisy Chaining Cabs: 16 and 8 Ohms together?

    Hey Everyone, I currently using my PRS MT15 with a custom PRS 2x12 stealth cab set up for 8 Ohms. It sounds killer. However, lugging it between my place and the rehearsal spot is becoming a pain. I'm considering getting another 2x12 cab so that I can have a cab at both places. If I get a...