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  1. Amar's Music

    Progressive Shred.. is that a thing?

    Jokes aside, this is from the album Theory Between - Amar Alhoch
  2. -Neonblack-

    4 New Songs available! Range between Djent / Prog Metal / Deathcore + Played on a 7 String Baritone

    Hey guys! Today i have uploaded 4 new songs! Check them out and let me know in the comments which song(s) you like the most. And maybe also write what you like about the song(s) Looking forward to your comments! 1: Thorns 2: A Terminal Life Form (2021 Remaster) To listen to the other 2...
  3. Chronograph

    Lepsky Brown Bear Guitar Sound Test

    Hey all:cheers: Bought a new axe lately, a Lepsky Brown Bear. Eugene Lepsky is a talented luthier from the city of Tomsk in Central Siberia. Here's a short sound clip. All guitar parts played on the Lepsky. Bass a Warwick 5-string Enjoy. Lepsky Brown Bear Test by Chronograph |...
  4. Kirill5412

    Dark Twin - Prometheus // Progressive Metal / Instrumental / Djent 2021

    Hello guys! We have released our new album called Prometheus! Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening! Spotify:
  5. Picsou

    The first album of my first band

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share the first album of my first band, we are from Nantes, France. We are all fans of Tesseract, Meshuggah, Monuments, The Contortionist, Periphery etc... I genuinely love this forum so I would love to hear your feedback ! Thanks !
  6. V

    Hi, I need some feedback on this solo.

    Hello everyone, I uploaded this first solo and I would love to know what you think.
  7. slan

    Fallen Shrines - Monolith Guitar Playthrough | FFO: Intervals, Plini, Dream Theater

    Hi all, My new single “Monolith” is out now! For this one, I decided to write something a little more energetic and guitar-driven. I had a blast writing it, and I hope you enjoy it too! Playthrough video: Stream on Spotify: More from Fallen Shrines: ⭢...
  8. flv75

    Disease : "Nemores Dianae" new single

    Hi guys, here is Flavio from Disease, post prog extreme metal from Rome, Italy:) "Nemores Dianae" is our first single from the upcoming album "Into the red". Hope you will enjoy our new song! Cheers!!
  9. R

    Demo for a cause!

    Hey there! I hope you can help me out :) I'm releasing demos from my compositions in hopes to pay off my $2,100 debt. How I got into so much debt? I used it to pay for my girlfriend's labor. I'm a first time dad! I'm a senior college student on my last semester in uni when the pandemic started...
  10. ConfusingParadise

    Confusing Paradise - Skylla FFO Monuments, Shokran, Northlane

    Hey guys! We wanted to reach out to you because you might like our new song "Skylla". The song is currently featured on a few Spotify paylists aswell. Feel free to give some feedback. We are both playing Ibanez sevenstrings.
  11. elreago

    Reintroducing myself

    Hey everyone. I used to post on this forum (a tiny bit) years ago but I sort of stopped and now I'm going to try and be more active again. My name is Elliott, I'm from London, England and I'm a bedroom guitarist/songwriter. I've been playing the guitar (seriously) for just over 10 years (the...
  12. Dante94

    TesseracT Ambitious Demo Collection - I need your help!

    Hello! How are you all doing? I hope y'all are doing amazingly great, especially in these troublesome times we're living in. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Dante, I'm 26 years old and I am from Chile (South America). You might recognize me as ''A Buddhist Melomaniac'' on YouTube (the...
  13. I

    SD Nazgul vs BKP Ragnarok vs SD Alpha/Omega

    SD Nazgul/Sentient vs BKP Ragnarok vs SD Alpha/Omega Looking for a progressive metal pickup that is on the aggressive side. Thoughts? Differences? (for a 7 string).
  14. Lorcan Ward

    The Enigma Division - Irish Progressive Metal

    I'm loving this track. Conor McGouran and Ben Wanders were members of Xerath so its great to see them releasing music again after 2014's "III". The blend of guitar and synth layers throughout is absolute perfection, neither battling for space but complimenting each other instead. The song keeps...
  15. Aura Fragment

    Momentum Solo W/Tabs (Skervesen Raptor 7)

    Hi! Recorded this video on these quarantine days and added some Tabs to it. It's the solo section of my song "Momentum", it doesn't seems difficult to play but it's a little bit tricky. I hope anybody tries it! Using again my Skervesen Raptor 7 with Bareknuckle Ragnaroks, these PU are not only...
  16. SlipknotKoRnfan

    New Track - The Beach

    Hey guys. Been an awfully long time since I've finished anything. Here is a track I finished recording sometime last summer, but hadn't bothered to upload. It's not fully mixed and levels aren't perfect yet, but here it is. Let me know what you think! Used Cubase 5, Line 6 Pod HD500, Ibanez...
  17. isispelican

    Falling With The Rain - Chasing Daylight finally out!

    After great amounts of work the new Falling With The Rain album is finally out! And on a rainy day in midst of the plague nonetheless! This music was written during a big transition period, which led to the overall powerful and aggressive sound and the expression of various emotional states...
  18. Christopher Beattie

    Extreme Progressive Metal

    Hey guys! I put a song out for a new progressive/technical metal project recently. I recorded, mixed and mastered it myself and still have A LOT to learn so I'd love some feedback on the mix here. Thanks!
  19. terran236

    [Debut Album] Iridescent Noise - Far Away, Yet Still Here

    Hey guys! Check out my new Prog Metal/Rock Album if you can. I would appreciate it very much. The goal in mind for this album is to make you feel like you're going on an adventure. Its all about escapism. Inspired by BTBAM, Periphery, Iron Maiden, Dragonforce, Within The Ruins, Nobuo Uematsu...
  20. Picsou

    Ambient parts in metal music

    Hello everyone, I'm getting back to the composition with my band, and this time I want to add some ambient parts behind the main riffs (I'm the only guitarist). I tried tons of things but I can't make those parts pop out in the mix, wether it is a guitar (with a coil split) drown into a bright...

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