pre amp

  1. broj15

    noob rack mount questions: power amp power vs. cab power handling?

    So I've come across a pretty good deal on a rack mount preamp and it's motivated to redo my rig. I know rack mount stuff isn't as popular as it used to be, but it seems like the lightest and cheapest way to get an excessively loud rig, especially when you factor in long term costs of a tube amp...
  2. Obscurabeast2002

    Best preamp or modeler for Prog, technical death metal, and jazz?

    If anyone can give me some suggestions to buy a preamp to practice/record with my headphones and laptop that has clean, and heavy tones. My influences are bands like Dark Fortress, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, and various technical death metal, black metal and jazz artists. I need a preamp...
  3. Gmork

    Looking for rack preamps well suited for serious brutal death metal

    You know what im talking about. An ampeg vh140 or 5150 or powerball etc etc in rack form. MEAN, AGGRESSIVE, HI GAIN preamps of death! Ive got the Crate XLP which is essentially the gx130 (ampeg vh140 clone) which i absolutely love! Have my sites on a crate TDP as well. What others should i...
  4. H

    5150 loud pop and gain loss

    Hello everyone, I'm loving my 5150 212 combo, the distortion is so tasty :hbang:. But I have a problem. After playing for about 50 minutes on the lead channel it makes a loud pop and after that all the tasty gain is gone... I tried swapping the pre-amp tubes (since it's distortion loss...
  5. broj15

    Wierd noises coming from 6505 combo (Need help ASAP!)

    So over the past couple weeks my 2x12 6505 has been acting up. It sounds just as good as it always has when I'm actually playing, but sometimes when I'm not playing I'll notice a weird kinda rhythmic tapping/clicking, almost like someone was winding a clock, coming through the speakers...
  6. W

    Best tube setup for my Peavey Valve King

    Hey all, So my Valve King is in serious need of being retubed.. I had some Slovakian Gold Series Groove Tubes in there for a while, and they ripped! but unfortunately with my experience with Groove Tubes, they tend to blow quickly when you are gigging and stressing them constantly. (The...
  7. Moe110

    Using Valve Pre Amp with Effects Pedal

    So my scenario is this. I have recently purchased a Peavey IPR1600 (awesome unit) running a Boss GT-100 as my everything (distortion, effects etc). I'm wondering if I was to get a Valve Pre Amp how would this gear work together or if at all. I do use clean, distortion and effects alot and I...
  8. D

    Tubes for 6505 plus?

    I just bought a 6505+ :hbang: and I'm going to take it in to get the bias mod for it, and while it's there I'm going to get it serviced. I just want know what's the best possible combination of tubes I should use. Winged C's seem to be the popular decision for the power section, but I'm not too...
  9. Skin Coffin

    NRD (New Rackhead Day) - ENGL Tube Rackhead 860

    Hey guys, I just picked this beast up! It's fucking beautiful and really heavy :lol: (around 20 kg). I haven't tried it yet, I need to buy a cab first :wallbash: I hope to create serious GAS with this thread :fawk: :lol: Well, enjoy the pics! Cheers! Back close up:
  10. Uncle Remus

    Which pre-amp and which tube power amp...?

    So i'm wanting a rig that can do a great clean, and lead tone in the style of 'the faceless' and petrucci, really smoooooooth (and that I can take to uni without breaking my back!) I'd like a pretty crushing rhythm aswell. After trauling the forum i've seen a lot of people say that if you want...