porcupine tree

  1. J

    Best tube amp for my style of playing?

    I'm on the market for a tube amp head. I really like the sound from bands like Porcupine Tree (Deadwing when it comes to gain, and The Sky Moves Sideways when it comes to clean), The Ocean (any album), and Skyharbor (Guiding Lights album). I guess I'm looking for something punchy, but that can...
  2. Rational Gaze

    New LITHIUM DAWN album! Fans of Porcupine Tree/Tool/Deftones/Riverside/Contortionist!

    What's up y'all. After several years, my band just put out our 3rd album, "Tearing Back the Veil II: Awakening", which completes a concept we have been messing with for awhile. We've worked on this puppy for a long time. It's got all kinds of vibes all over: Dub, some heavy 8 string grooves...
  3. gunslingerjh

    Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet [Cover/Mixtest]

    Had a lot of fun on this one! Guitars, bass and vocals recorded using POD HD500, keys are Arturia Jupiter, drums are superior 2.0, Acoustic guitar and vocals recorded using a Shure SM58! Gear used: Steinberger ZT-3 custom Ibanez GSR205 Jack & Danny C-200 Acoustic Would be nice to get...
  4. Ambit

    NEW STEVEN WILSON (Hand Cannot Erase)

    I'm not sure about you guys, but this is definitely an album I'm really looking forward to!
  5. Rational Gaze

    LITHIUM DAWN-New clip from our upcoming 2ND record!! COME PARTAKE IN SOME PROGGERY!

    Point of No Return (not final mix/unmastered) https://soundcloud.com/lithium-dawn/point-of-no-return-vocal-clip Waddup dudes!!!! Been awhile since I've posted anything fresh here, and I'm hoping some of the folks that helped make our debut album a success (at least for us) are still around...
  6. raginghormones

    #include - homemade Progressive Metal/Djent for the masses!

    Hey, I've been recording my own cooked up PROGRESSIVE METAL in Logic Pro and I think I've finally managed to make my tracks sound professional (or at least semi-pro!) You can download the 4 tracks here: Demo Tapes (2013) by #include on SoundCloud - Hear the world Feedback is greatly...
  7. K

    Need criticisms on mix! (For fans of Porcupine Tree, Vildhjarta, Reign of Kindo, Bulb

    DreamVirus (mix2) by SkyMovesSideways on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free i plan for this to be the single I release for my EP for my solo project Sky Moves Sideways. (still have yet to record vocals and some solos) I just wanna know what improvements i can make so...
  8. Kurkkuviipale

    Sound Of Muzak Cover WITH VOCALS!

    Howdy ss.org! First of all I'm sorry to post this update on a new thread even though I had another one already started. I just found the other thread to be dead as hell and as I and KingAenarion (real name pending...) have put a good amount of effort in this piece, I'd be more than pleased to...
  9. Scar Symmetry

    Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree

    Just came across this, it's skill and control beyond belief, it gets really tasty after 3:00.
  10. Rational Gaze

    New song "Perpetual Loss" off my band's upcoming debut.

    Hey fellarz. My band and I have been working on our debut for the better part of year now and we're finally getting to crunch time and finishing up the album. Currently, I'm working on finishing up the rest of the vocals and doing some final production touch ups but this is the first officially...
  11. Chris

    And here, because it rules, is the FOABP video.

  12. Chris

    So I listened to Porcupine Tree for 16 hours.

    And now Drew's (old, maybe) signature finally makes sense. :lol:
  13. Makelele

    Just ordered a bunch of CDs

    My bank account is going to hate me. Devin Townsend - Ziltoid the Omniscient Strapping Young Lad - City Porcupine Tree - Deadwing Symphony X - Paradise Lost Dan Swanö - Moontower Really looking forward to getting them all. I've heard "Deadwing" and "Moontower" before, and decided it's...
  14. Your Majesty

    Porcupine Tree

    Cathcing this band perform tonight. :yesway: Has anyone watched them perform on this tour so far? Has Steve played any Blackfield?
  15. Chris

    Boston Porcupine Tree pseudo-Picstory (Arr!)

    Because man, did we have some drinks. :lol: So after golf, and Steve checking out Drew's PWH in the parking lot (I swear, the thing never leaves his side. :lol:): We head south past ~20+ miles of Memorial Day traffic, thankfully going the other way. Here, friends, is Drew taking...
  16. subatomicsatan

    Boston "Porcupine Tree" show Roll Call - Last one in buys 1st round!

    Ha! First post!