pod hd pro

  1. P

    Defective Pod HD Pro?

    I recently bought a used Pod HD Pro and when i got to plug it in, 100 % of the patches sounded as if they had no cab selected. Extremely scratchy/fizzy and zero bass. Just horrible tones all together. Having owned a HD Pro before, i knew what i was getting, so i heard right away that something...
  2. lewis

    JST Joel Wanasek Bus Glue - Indepth Review

    amazing review This pack honestly seems amazing. I might have to pick this up
  3. thoughtpyotr

    Need some feedback on a mix/master for AAL inspired track

    I'm still getting a hold on how to get a nice polished master that has competitive loudness. I'm torn between two styles. One is a bassier style: https://soundcloud.com/pedropeedro/pop-philosopher-723-soneq-of/s-tTeE1 the other has a neve emulation plugin on the master...
  4. Metallica35

    Line 6 Pod HD Pro w/FBV Shortboard MKII

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Line 6 Pod HD Pro Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII Modifications (if any): None Accessories (hardshell case etc): Line 6 HD Fully Loaded Bundle (expansion) is loaded onto the unit. This includes high-gain metal amps, vintage amps, and bass amp...
  5. AryaBara

    Line 6 POD HD Pro X - PV Panama (5150) quick test

    Some quick test I did yesterday. amp : PV PANAMA cab : XXL V-30 mic : 50 ON XS lil bit high pass & low pass filter in mix Pretty happy with the result, in the midst of competition between helix, kemper and axe fx :p
  6. AxelvonKreon

    Post-hardcore cover of This Wild Life's song History

    Me and my boys made a cover of This Wild Life's song "History" and I did the producing. We used my pod hd pro, shure sm7b for vocals and sd2 and a free snare sample for the drums. Let me know what you guys think about the sound/song whatever :)...
  7. K

    Axe FX II Mk 1

    Firstly, postage to the US is likely to be 300USD at least, so bear that in mind. Secondly, PLEASE PM me if you have ANY interest. I'm likely to be really lenient with you on it (I've done payment plans before with people here). Axe FX II has been in my room for the most part, (though I took...
  8. AxelvonKreon

    Too much beer - this is the result

    Had a high school themed party with some friends and the result was a pop-punk song alá American Pie. Cheers! https://soundcloud.com/axelvonned/the-yearbook-the-high-school-way-2014 Gear used POD HD Pro, Sansamp programmable, Shure SM7b.
  9. A

    Suhr Koko Boost [Reloaded] Will it "Djent?"

    Does anyone have any experience with this pedal? I'm looking for a quality "clean boost" style pedal to run in front of my amp. I used to own a Maxon OD808 and was pleased with it, but I sold all my live gear about a year ago and feel like trying something new this time around. I play a lot of...
  10. A

    Audio Interfaces || USB 2.0 vs Firewire (Scarlett vs. Saffire)

    Hey there everybody. I'm currently looking for a quality audio interface on a budget (roughly 200$ or so). I've heard good things about Focusrite interfaces, and especially for my price range. So I've sparked a lot of interest in some of the Scarlett and Saffire models. Specifically, the 6i6 and...
  11. S


    So I am currently running a 6505+ head (which sounds great on it's own) and a Pod HD Pro. The Pod seems to really lack a lot of low end, but maybe it's just the patches I'm using. I've heard some incredible tones from Axe FX, but is it really worth it? I've never used one personally so I...
  12. MrHelloGuitar

    Introducing my band: The Platformer

    Hey, guys! Been on here for a bit and never thought to show people what I do, so here's what I do! The Platformer is a band I formed with my buddy Matt about 4 years ago in high school. Because of school and life, we've been on a hiatus from writing, but recently have been getting back into...
  13. U

    EVH 5150 III 50w or Pod HD Pro/500X

    Hey everyone, I'm finally about to make a purchase this week for new gear. I'm pretty much set on getting an EVH 5150 III 50 watt head and an Avatar 2x12 cab, but I'm also slightly thinking about a Pod HD Pro/500 X. This will be my first ever amp upgrade from my tin can of a Spider IV. I plan...
  14. S

    LINE 6 POD HD PRO X mint condition

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: LINE 6 POD HD PRO X. I bought this baby 3 months ago and kept it in a non-smoking room. I'd rate its condition as 9.9/10. Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): Original box; I bought it on a holiday at the US, but there is...
  15. Decapitated666

    /FT Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro (MINT)

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro MIDI Footswitch. Good for all your MIDI controlled rack system devices. Thing hasn't been used at all. I still have the box and everything. Modifications (if any): None. Accessories (hardshell case etc): Power Cord...
  16. D

    P.O.D. HD pro x ?

    ive recently been looking into getting a new pod for the recording process. i like them cuz i know my way around them pretty well and if monuments is using them then theyve got to be good. right? lol. i guess my question is, if anyone one here uses them is how are they as far as recording goes...
  17. XEN

    EVH 5150III 50w Head, Decimator ProRack G, POD HD PRO, Shortboard MKII

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: FEELER!!! Mint condition EVH 5150 III 50w Head. All original packaging, documentation, footswitch and cable, and speaker cable included. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the head. It's by far my favorite amp. However, now that I splurged...
  18. DancingForFables

    Skipping out in owning a tube amp?

    I feel it's time soon for me to upgrade the current gear I have. I currently own a Line 6 Spider IV and while I feel tones I get from it are satisfactory I feel like I could be getting a better sound. I've contemplated getting the Peavey 6505+ 112 combo because it seemed like a very solid amp...
  19. Decapitated666

    Let's make the heaviest tone ever. (Line 6 POD HD Pro & Nails content)

    Okay guys, first off, if you haven't heard Nails' new album "Abandon All Life", do yourself a favor and take a listen. So, I am a POD HD Pro user and I want to crack the code for the thickest tone ever which is pretty much what I'm hearing on that record. Can we put our heads together and try...
  20. Decapitated666

    Line 6 POD HD Pro: Let's make the heaviest tone ever (Anyone dig Nails?)

    Alright POD HD Pro users... I've been jamming the .... out of the new Nails record lately and I would love to get that thick as .... tone coming from my POD. Let's try and see if we can match it. Any pointers, advice, or anything that could help shape the tone for this?