1. guitaardvark

    Monroe Vallejo - Deciduous (FFO Plini, Intervals, Periphery)

    Hey all! I released this earlier in the summer and wanted to share. I know there's a separate forum for this, but I also just moved to San Francisco, so if you're in the area and dig this kind of stuff, I'm wide open to collabs. Thanks for listening!
  2. Roberto Djentz

    Anybody wanna record a solo over a song I'm struggling to complete?

    Just looking for inspiration and help with a track that I'm stumped on, I can't seem to figure out what to put in the clean/bass spot. I kinda imagine a Plini/intervals/Sithu style shred... But I also kinda suck at guitar 😅😩 Here is the track (unfinished) for a general idea. Anyone and...
  3. RiksRiks

    Help a beginner out - my sound is not clear enough

    So I have recently bought the Neural DSP Archetype Plini, I'm running it through a 3rd gen Scarlett 2i2. I'm pretty new to anything that has to do with recording and even amp sims, so I've been slowly buying the necessary gear to setup a proper bedroom studio. It's worth mentioning that I'm...
  4. alessandroarzilli

    Neural DSP Mega Comparison - Abasi, Nameless, Nolly, NTS, Omega and Plini

    Hello everyone! I made my own comparison video of ALL Neural DSP guitar amp sim VST plugins available at the moment! I used my custom Jackson Dinky JS22-7 with Duncan Solar pickups and I always used the exact same IR files and every amp's EQ was flat! Which one did you prefer and why? I think...
  5. alessandroarzilli

    Neural DSP Archetype Plini 2 - Even better than before!

    Hello everyone! Just published my own review of Archetype Plini v2 by Neural DSP! They made it sound even better, perfect for metal, fusion and prog rock! Ever tried it? I'm in love with this one!
  6. Ilia Tilev

    Ilia Tilev - AMÉLIE EP (ProgRockFusion)

    Hello everyone i wanted to share my EP with you.. A lot of sweaty months :D and hard work to release this ep. Struggling with the mixing a lot since i'm just in my untreated bedroom but after many hours i think it turned out decent ;) Hope you'll enjoy it.. Timestamp: 01 - Elowen Part I: 0:00...
  7. Ilia Tilev

    hello fellow music lovers ;)

    Hello guys i'm Ilia from Bulgaria (never heard of this place? :D).. I've been making music since 16-17 but i've been playing guitar and a little bit of keyboards since 21 (yeah i know pretty late) now i'm 25 soon in 10 days i will be 26. ;) I'm self though at everything i do. I'm interested in...
  8. JustinRhoads1980

    Help me find a good sound on my Archetype Plini Plugin

    Hey guys so I am testing out some plugins before I buy and I have heard a lot about the stuff from neural such as the fortin stuff and the latest with the plini stuff. I am drawn to the Plini one since it has 3 amps, compression and OD, and time based effects, basically the whole package for...
  9. Kirill5412

    Archetype: Plini || Demo

    Hello guys! Today we are checking an awesome plugin Archetype: Plini by Neural DSP :) Thanks for watching! Archetype: Plini - - Website: - Facebook: - Instagram...
  10. alessandroarzilli

    NeuralDSP Archetype Plini amp sim - My video review

    Hello everybody! I would like to share with you all my video review of the Archetype Plini amp simulator by Neural DSP. At first glance it is really beautiful, I love classy white finishes and this color gives the user interface a really dreamy and intense look. So the plugin itself is divided...
  11. Matthias Markiewicz

    Prog guitarist says hello!

    Hello Guys! My name is Matthias, im 27 yo and live in Germany. I started playing guitar ~ 15 years ago. Over the years i found my passion in progressive rock & metal - because for me its the most challenging and exciting musical genre. Im using an Axe FX with my lovely Strandberg Boden 6...
  12. Z

    New Single ft. Anup Sastry + Luke Martin, Canton Custom Instruments Guitar

    Hey all! Just released my new single "Detour" last Friday featuring Anup Sastry on Drums (ex- Intervals, Monuments) and Luke Martin on Piano (Plini, Nick Johnston). Here is the link: Let us know what you think! <3 Also for those interested, I'm playing through my Canton Custom Instruments 8...
  13. Jook

    Richmond, VA - Possibly looking for a Vocalist/Lyricist

    Hey folks! Jeremy from Epiphany here! We just dropped our first single "Black Omen" from our debut self-titled "Epiphany". We are possibly contemplating adding a vocalist/lyricist moving forward if they seem like a good fit! If you'd like to try your hand, the download can be found on on...
  14. huhngott

    Living Impressions - MIZAR - (The Big Dipper)

    This is the 3rd song off my upcoming album, what you guys think?!
  15. Ruben_Necrosed

    Plini- Selenium Forest with my new Parker

    Hope you like it and happy new year 2018 friends!
  16. Rational Gaze

    New LITHIUM DAWN album! Fans of Porcupine Tree/Tool/Deftones/Riverside/Contortionist!

    What's up y'all. After several years, my band just put out our 3rd album, "Tearing Back the Veil II: Awakening", which completes a concept we have been messing with for awhile. We've worked on this puppy for a long time. It's got all kinds of vibes all over: Dub, some heavy 8 string grooves...
  17. RayM


    Some new prog with some intense tones and technique! Let me know what you think :)
  18. K


    Dudes, this is the SINGLE of my new 2017 EP, released some days ago. Hope to hear some feedback of how it sucks on the comment section. Also, some upcoming stuff, in case you do not hate it so bad...
  19. B

    Backing Track - PLINI - Every Piece Matters

    Hope this is the right forum for this! Needed something to play along to while learning this song, so I've been making this backing track. As per the video description, I've got the drums and bass about 98% of the way there. Clean guitar is kinda done, and have some sketchy rhythm parts done...
  20. S

    My Debut Prog Metal EP is Coming to Kickstarter - Sonder by Sopko

    Hey Everyone! In a few days I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund my Debut EP, Sonder! Check out my facebook page for updates and please help me spread the word! I will also be posting updates to this thread! Sopko Official Page As a added bonus I have a 2 guest solo spots...