1. GinoBambino54

    Novallo - Guitar Play-Through

    Its the above link - If you haven't already, like the page if you like our music. Novallo | Facebook :hbang:
  2. Mn3mic

    A new djenty mix - Antecedent

    Hey ya'll! Check out this guitar play-through video for the song Antecedent from the upcoming album. This is the latest mix and we have put a lot of effort into it, so it would be great if you could give us some feedback. :shred:
  3. Radius_Vector

    Melakartha - Stellar (Video playthrough) Blackstar HT-5 content

    Hey guys, Covered this old song on cam for I had nothing else to do thanks to my broken ankle from football! :( :noway: I mic'd the Ht-5 (you can see it running the background) and processed it through Voxengo Boogex with a Mesa cab impulse. There was no other processing apart from eq's. I'm...