1. G

    "Hell, There Could Be Worse" by Annapurna. Used my new Vola Vasti 7 string!

  2. A

    Slipknot - Devil in I | instrumental / guitar cover

    I'd like some feedback on the mixing! Since this is a guitar cover, the guitars are a bit louder than normal Signal chain: Charvel Joe Duplantier pro-mod w/ Seymour Duncan SH11 Fulltone OCD Fender EVH 5150 III 50w Preamp out Fredman Catharsis impulse responses Drums: Superior Drummer 2 Bass...
  3. DakoRob

    Caecus - "A Parting Current" (2019)

    Hey everybody! Really excited about the new Caecus album that we just released today. This album (and all the video work) was done completely in-house by myself and the band. has been fundamental in my progress as an engineer and artist. The DIY nature of this community has...
  4. RobertVII

    Composure Playthrough - Original J-Rock inspired song I wrote.

    Would love to know what everyone thinks about an original I wrote!
  5. Cheap

    Help me improve my video/content quality...COLLECTIVES PLAYTHROUGH

    Hey Everyone, The other day my band finally put up our first playthrough! There are only two of us so it's just a guitar/drum video. I'd love to know what we can improve on--video or otherwise. Everything besides the drum recording and mastering was done in house by me so I'm pretty blind to...
  6. Alexandra Zerner

    A playthrough video of me & Franck Hermanny

    Hello ERG lovers! :) I am currently working on my third solo album (progressive rock), which is available on PledgeMusic, and I want to share with you one of the tracks from it, called 'Electric Kisses'. It's a collaboration with the amazing Franck Hermanny from 'Adagio'. I hope you'll like it :)
  7. Kirill5412

    K.I.R. - Desolation || Ibanez RG1527 RB

    Hello guys! This is song from my new EP "Arcanum". Hope you enjoy it. Give it a thumbs up and share :-) K.I.R. - ARCANUM (EP Album 2018) ➤ Bandcamp: ➤ iTunes: (January 19) Signal Chain: Ibanez RG1527 RB - Line 6 POD HD Pro DAW: Logic Pro X Video...
  8. Ganjagrel

    Weaver | Original | Sludge

    Hi! I've been lurking here and there, finally decided to join and share with you my newest track. Enjoy.
  9. Peculate

    New Avant-Garde Metal Playthrough Video: Peculate's "Your Patriotic Duty"

    I released a new playthrough video, for both guitar and keyboard. The guitar is an 8-string tuned in drop E (EBEADGBE). "Your Patriotic Duty" combines several different styles and genres, including tech death, math metal, prog, jazz, ambient, and Latin. It's off my upcoming album How Long...
  10. Chi

    New Playthrough - A Necessary Evil (Melancholic, and fat nu / prog metal)

    Got around to shoot another playthrough with my singer Michael. It's my personal favorite of my last EP Roots, and seems to be the favorite track for most of my followers. :agreed: Definitely check it out whether you've already heard the song or not. For those who aren't familiar with my...
  11. Chi

    Shot a little playthrough of my song "Worship", now with vocals!

    Here's what I've been working on lately. Michael Schires and I worked out some vocals for the song "Worship", from my EP "Roots". It gives the song a new layer of melancholy and we are very happy with the result. We hope you feel the same way! It's my favorite song on the EP and just hearing...
  12. Shadycicada

    How to Write an Easycore Song! (A mini/funny tutorial)

    You guys seemed to enjoy the 80s metal one from a while back, so I thought I'd share this one with you all! Once again, I tried to be as accurate as possible, so I apologize for anything off! If you guys end up enjoying this, feel free to request any other genres :) Always looking for new ideas...
  13. DeKay

    Playthrough of my song Inner Dissonance (Vocals, Guitars, Drums | FFO - Angry Metal)

    Hey everybody, I made a playthrough video of my september 2014 released 15 track free album title track called "Inner Dissonance". I am using my PRS MM Baritone in Drop C# (Octave lower) with 20-90 strings (singles from daddario and ghs) and my pod hd in the recording. Enjoy the video and...
  14. O

    SINGULARITY - Début Video (Progressive/Thrash)

    Hello gentlemen! My band, SINGULARITY, have released our first official video. Hope you all enjoy, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  15. S

    Close To The Sky - A Fading Existence PLAYTHROUGH (PRE-PRODUCTION) This is "A Fading Existence", one of the new songs from the Close To The Sky's upcoming debut album. They´re still working on the pre-production of the album but this one is to announce their new drummer, Adrian Barrio. Follow them on facebook...
  16. MarmaladeMad

    MONUMENTS - I, The Creator Guitar Cover (Slow-Mo and flamethrower included)

    Hey guys. This cover was the result of a boring afternoon with an expensive, borrowed camera. I know I'm late to the party, seeing that this song has been up for quite a while now and everyone has already covered it, but it is an awesome song and really fun to play so I hope you guys enjoy it!
  17. O

    Line 6 Spider IV 150 Watt Half Stack Metal Amp Model Demonstration!

    :noodles: Howdy y'all!!! I just put together this very short impromptu demonstration of the Metal Amp Model on the Line 6 Spider IV 150 Watt half stack. ...
  18. B

    Hi guys! Bleak Flesh from Chile, please check our new video!

    We're a technical, melodic progressive death metal band from Santiago de Chile. This is our latest video! Using an Ibanez RG8 with Pegasus and Sentient and Ibanez RG7420 with D Activator 7 Bridge DP720 and DP719 on the neck position. Tell us what you think about the song! Hope you like it...
  19. N

    Conker's bad fur day playthrough by the devs

    Here's the first video : It's awesome to hear about a game by the devs. It funny and dat accent :yesway:. It's actually the first time I think, that I've watched a video about a game in a non advertising format.
  20. Paul Reed Shred

    New Intervals Playthrough (Alchemy)

    This is pretty impressive. The JPXI and Axe can't hurt though.