1. D

    New Joyo pedal or

    Hi, found this Joyo R-17 Dark Flame pedal on Joyo official store on Aliexpress. I was wondering if its new upcoming model. I couldn't find any info anywhere. Cheers.
  2. Guitarjon

    To BOOST or not to BOOST?

    Hey guys, A LOT of players, especially in the metal genre, like to use boost or overdrive pedals in front of their (high gain) amps to make them sound more tight, focused and aggressive/percussive. I usually prefer the sound of my tube amps pure, so without a boost. I tend to prefer the more...
  3. B

    Keeley Compressor...not impressed too?!

    So, I've decided recently to build a separate pedalboard for my bass instead of using the same big one for bass and guitar. I have an Xotic SP compressor that I use for guitar, and I love it. I've used it on bass before too, and it really just sounds killer. Granted, the settings must be...
  4. crg123

    FS Neunaber Immerse V1

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Neunaber Immerse V1 Modifications (if any): none Accessories (hardshell case etc): original box and case candy if you want Location (City,State or City,Country): Boston MA International OK? : No Contact Info (No Phone #s) here References (eBay or...
  5. alessandroarzilli

    Dophix Dante - Very dynamic overdrive pedal made in Italy

    This is my review video and tone test of the Dante overdrive pedal by Dophix. Very dynamic guitar tones made in Italy!
  6. J

    Mxr Dc Brick

    Great condition as i only used it for a few months before upgrading. Never had any problems with it. No scratches or dings anywhere. Only mod would be velcro on the bottom. Everything that comes with it is included. Only used 3 or 4 of the power cables so the rest were never even unwrapped. $75...
  7. dan the man

    KSR Ceres vs AMT SS-30

    Hi all, Wondering what your thoughts are on these two units. I have an AMT P2 and absolutely love it. Making a backup pedalboard in case my 5150 blows up. Wish the Ceres had a dedicated eq section for the clean channel, but it's less important than the quality of the gain channels. Other...
  8. Guitarjon

    ENGL Powerball pedal

    I got the ENGL Powerball pedal a week or two ago. It's a pretty cool 'amp in a box' type pedal that aims to sound like the lead 2 channel of the ENGL Powerball II amps. The analog circuitry basically is 'the same' as the preamp. Of course there are no tubes in here though... The last time I...
  9. Boofchuck

    Is it okay to keep a pedal powered up?

    Hi everyone. I have a Boss RC1 Loop pedal that remains powered whenever an instrument cable is connected to the output. I'd like to keep everything plugged in when not in use. Would this harm the pedal, or should I just keep unplugging it to kill the power whenever I'm done with it? Thanks.
  10. S

    How to easily create a single semi-tone harmonic effect with pedals?

    I've lately been experimenting with guitar sounds in the mathcore domain, trying out all kinds of cool dissonant sounds you can produce with a guitar. One certain sound you hear with some bands are leads that have a harmonic on them which seems to be just a single semi-tone higher (or lower)...
  11. Crash Dandicoot

    FS Meris Polymoon

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear: Meris Polymoon delay pedal. Modifications: None. Accessories: Original box, packaging, manual and power supply. Location: Edmonton, AB. International OK?: For additional cost, sure. Contact Info: PM me here. References: eBay: hyper-crisis, Reverb Shop...
  12. Sumsar

    TC Hall of Fame Shred Demo

    Good morning fellows! I did a demo of my TC electronic Hall of Fame 2 reverb pedal, ofc using my Jackson dinky 7 string and EVH 5153 lbx, for maximum shredness. I have played electric guitar for around 11 years and only recently got this as my first reverb pedal. I don't really know how I lived...
  13. Constructivist

    Amp distortion VS pedal distortion

    Just to make it clear, I'm here with the hope to be educated. Here is my setup: guitar-->maxon od808X-->laney ironheart studio. This is how I get the best possible distortion out of my amp. It is harmonically rich and very very responsive and dynamic to my playing. In the same setup I have...
  14. broj15

    NPD: Boss ODB-3 (from a guitarists perspective)

    So I'm back home visiting my family for a few days, and today I decided to pop by my local music go round just to see what they had. Long story short I walked out with a Boss ODB-3. I do play bass, but not currently playing bass in a band, and I've been feeling like my guitar tone has been...
  15. Annonnymous

    Power supply 5x2.1 or 5.5x2.5?

    Hello, guys! As I couldn't find the exact supply type my NUX Od-3 uses, I bought a universal 9v 600mA DC power supply. It has a few jacks, and both 5x2.1 and 5.5x2.5 seem to work fine. I found on the internet afterwards that most power supplies are 5.5x2.1, a jack that I don't have. I returned...
  16. A

    Reverb & Delay Combo Pedal Recommendations?

    Hi Everyone, it's been a while since I posted on here! I was looking to possibly add a delay & reverb combo pedal to my pedal board. Specifically combo because I like to keep my pedal board simple, just essentials. Was wondering if anyone on here had any recommendations for a good, yet compact...
  17. PariahMusic

    Airis Effects Nebula Advanced Overdrive (NAO)

    So here's some of the sounds I've achieved from my beta version of the newest pedal from Airis Effects. I like it a whole heck of a lot, and think it will be the OD I use going forward. Having a built in and very powerful EQ is already super cool, but the pedal gain itself is what has really...
  18. SlamLiguez

    Question about pedal power.

    Building a pedal rig. All my other pedals run at a smooth 9v 200ma. The Mooer Radar runs at a wonky 12v 300ma. I currently have a cioks AC Rider that runs at 9/12 200 ma, then 9/12 800ma. I definitely know not to run at 800ma lol. Because I need to expand the power supply for more pedals down...
  19. Kirill5412

    Sunless Effects - Astronaut Fuzz || Demo

    Hello guys! Today we are checking out a cool fuzz pedal called Astronaut by Sunless Effects ‍ Made in Taiwan :) Thanks for watching! The Sunless Effects Astronaut is rendition of the Electro Harmonix Op Amp Big Muff, the circuit has been modified so it would act more like an overdrive on the...
  20. FancyFish

    Amp Modeler vs All Pedal Setup

    Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting an amp modeler in the next few weeks, something like the Mooer GE200 or even the HX stomp. Up until now, I've been playing through the Overloud stuff but wanted to get something that would allow me to play at a friends place or around the house without...