1. Guitarjon

    One Song, One Amp V2! 50+ amps (and more) showcased and compared!

    Hey all, I've been working on this new series, it's called "One Song, One Amp!" V2 and I'm pretty excited about it. I've done something like this before but this one has more guitars and styles so it will hopefully keep things more interesting... :) The idea is that I wrote and recorded this...
  2. submergedindirt

    Which one to get rid of? Peavey or Peavey?

    Hello all, I'm hoping to get some opinions or thoughts to help me decide which of these 2 amps to be rid of. Peavey 6505+ or Peavey JSX (I think I already know the obvious answer for most people but hear me out) The 6505+ is my 4th iteration of this amp that I've owned. I don't really get...
  3. Guitarjon

    Peavey 6505 vs Invective 120

    So, since I have a Peavey 6505 and an Invective 120 it seemed only natural that I made a comparison between them. I really like both to be honest, they both offer great tones but the Invective is just very flexible and versatile because of all the added features. The Invective is based on the...
  4. Gmork

    NAD Peavey teal stripe bandit 112

    Holy shit! with an od to boost and the depth finder in the fx loop its INSANELY "brutal"!! Sounds freakin awesome!! Was inspired to go ahead and make a video for it. Listen to that! Total suffo/dyingfetus tones, call me crazy but its right up there with the vh140 and ss150!
  5. H

    Peavey 6534+ - METAL

    Can this amp handle the gainz? I think so! Im gonna do loooots more demos soon!
  6. Gmork

    Guitar on a keyboard amp! Who knew!

    Dont mind the god awful playing, i wasnt planning on making some quality video, just wanted to jam out and show folks what it sounds like. Fuzz and reverb pedals into the 90s peavey kb100 teal stripe keyboard amp have been my go to rig for the past month. Its not for everyone but i think it...
  7. Gmork

    Just disgusting deathmetal tones too good not to post!

    I didnt intend on making a video, but was messing around tonight and the raunchy tones i was getting were too good not to grab my phone and take a quick clip and throw it up. Sounded incredible in the room! (better than the video, fuller, deeper etc) Signal was my stock bc rich plat ironbird -...
  8. smck96

    Please help me pick my first "real" amp

    Hey guys, Looking to buy my first real amp, currently have a yamaha thr10ii and mostly use it as an interface with dsp gojira and nolly. I live in a townhouse and will pretty much strictly be playing at home, so I need something that can do not piss off neighbours volume very well and allows me...
  9. Inguilles

    Would you exchange your peavey 5150ii for an evh stealth 50?

    Well as I say in the title I have a peavey 5150ii that I have the possibility to sell, not that I do not like it, but I am curious about the evh stealth. Could the stealth have a tighter, more modern sound? I don't know if it hurt better with my style. But I think I am selling a piece of...
  10. Guitarjon

    BLIND TEST: Peavey 6505 vs Axe Fx III vs Helix

    Hey guys, I couldn't help it, I had to do another one of these ;) This one features the mighty Peavey 6505 (formerly known as the 5150), the Fractal Audio Axe Fx III and the Line 6 Helix. Let's see if you guys can guess which one is which! Of course you can leave a guess here but I would...
  11. redragon

    Peavey 6505 mh effects loop woes

    Yes, this is a cheap, made in China amp, but I like it and it suits my needs. However, when the effects loop is engaged using a footswitch, the guitar signal fades in and out or goes silent. All of the cables are tested as good. When the loop switch is not engaged the pedals all work fine...
  12. Gmork

    70s Peavey Super Festival Series Content - FULL Matching Rig!!

    Ive got a VERY special video for you peavey diehards!! Please sub & help out the little guy. :hungus: A full matching mid 70s Peavey Super Festival Series ROADMASTER tube amp and oversized, ported stock 4x12! What a beast this rig is! Quite proud with how this all turned out. The songs gets...
  13. Gmork

    Showing it just because :) 70s Content

    Decided to sell my prized full 70s peavey roadmaster super festival amp/booster and 4x12 rig. Its super cool but more of a collectors thing, and takes up so much space i SO dont have. Crazy awesome pedal platform. It rocks, it dooms and it can do anything with the right pedals. Plus you could...
  14. Guitarjon

    Peavey Invective MH vs 6505 MH

    Hey guys, hope you're all well... So I made a comparison video of my Peavey Invective MH and my 6505 MH. Both are killer amps. They have the same tonal 'DNA' so to speak but they definitely don't sound the same although you can tweak them to sound similar with some of the tones. The 6505 MH is...
  15. Guitarjon

    DNAD: Peavey Invective 120 & MH! (review & demo)

    Hey all! I'm excited guys, because I've got 2 awesome new amps in the studio: the Peavey Invective 120 and the Invective MH Mini Head. (Quick disclosure up-front: I got a pretty good deal on these for my video but at my request). You guys all know of these amps right? I know I was very...
  16. Gmork

    Peavey transtube 100 efx = oldschool deathmetal tones???

    I mean.... Some of us love some old "shitty" solidstate gear for oldschool death metal tones ie ampeg, crate, bandits etc. So wheres the transtube 100 efx head stand? I love me some peavey transtube amps, the peavey transtube special 2x12 was incredible for instance imho
  17. Prayfordarkness

    Master Effects Marauder, the Peavey Bandit / Supreme 160 pedal!

    I was wondering if anyone is familiar with Master Effects Pedals? I just found out about them this year, they are based out of the city where I live, and I've been blown away by some of the pedals they're making. The first one that hooked me was the "Martyr", which is a Marshall Valvestate 8100...
  18. Jobam-Martins

    TSE audio x50 v1.0 (Peavey 5150 simulation) - test

    Hey guys,how are You? I tested the TSE audio x50 v1.0. Very cool simulation.It has a lot of presence. I used NadIR for the cab and Mercuriall TSC 808 core for the booster. This guitar is a Dean ds91. I was searching and found out they released new versions of the x50. I got this version 1.0...
  19. Jon Pearson

    New Gear Day! Sparkly guitars and the least fav 5150...

    So recently the other guitarist in my band got a broken 5150 212 combo in a trade, and I bought it off of her and got it repaired! Pics! This came to me in rough shape, I had to cut a new back panel: Not a perfect cut, but functional! I remember @MatrixClaw once mentioning this...
  20. broj15

    NRD: make ya say wO)))))w

    Pics first as usual So after a few months of not having a decent rig I decided it was time to fix that. Ended up spotting a deal on a used Hilbish Beta preamp & a Crown XLS1500. The Hilbish isn't even a year old and the Crown is an older model but was brand new in the box & about $200 less...

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