peavey 6505 plus

  1. H

    Which cab is best

    Hey peeps! Recently gotten my self a Peavey 6505+ and now I'm in the market for a cab to get the best sound for it and to be honest I don't know much about cabs, like what is the best wattage cab for a 120watt head? Don't worry about price. I've been mainly looking at Mesa or Orange but I'm...
  2. D

    EVH 5150 III 50 Watt vs 100 Watt

    I own a Peavey 6505+ and I want to buy either the EVH 5150 III 50 watt or 100 watt version. I know the 50 watt version has a master presence and resonance knob, but the 100 watt version doesn't have any resonance knobs. The type of music I or my friends play on my Peavey 6505+ ranges from indie...
  3. S

    6505+ Combo settings !

    Hi guys, I just having a Peavey 6505+, 60 watt version, can you show me some presets ? Breakdown of sanity's style sound ? Please ! :D:shred::shred::shred::shred:
  4. InnerDignity

    Peavey 6505+ tube biasing

    Hello, I'm terribly sorry. I was attemting to search for a similar thread but my phone isnt letting me. Anyway I want to bias my power tubes in my 6505+ but I'm having alittle trouble understanding exactly what I'm suppose to do. I get the basic idea but some things I'm still unsure of. Like...
  5. M

    Peavey 6505+ tone

    Hey guys. I recorded a short little song using Martins Varatinskis awesome drum track on Youtube, here's his channel Anyways, let me know what you guys think of the tone. I just used my 6505+ through a Marshall JCM 900 Lead 1936 2x12, PRS...
  6. H

    Help finding pickups (Alder/Ebony Fretboard/Neck-Thru)

    Hello I am a new member to this website. I recently bought a Jackson SL2 Pro Quick Silver guitar. It's Alder Body, Ebony Fretboard, Neck-thru. Comes stock with the usual Seymour Duncan Jb/59 (direct mounted). This guitar plays beautifully. I enjoy the pickups in it don't get me wrong but the JB...
  7. krovx

    Used Peavey 6534+ Guitar Amplifier Head

    Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Used Peavey 6534+ Guitar Amplifier Head Accessories: Includes foot switch and cable. Location: Grand Rapids Michigan International OK? : Nope Contact Info: PM here, let me know if you need an email addy References: New to selling here...
  8. P

    Peavey 6505+ speaker recommendation / WGS or other brand

    Hi! I need some advices for my upcoming purchase ! I went through many threads and didnt find one that answer my questions. I have a peavey 6505+ 120w head (bias modded/ mercury magnetic output and power trannys + added choke and preamp/power tubes upgraded) and a Vader Carnage strain 4x12 cab...
  9. J

    Official Axe-Fx Q&A thread!

    There are a lot of questions flying around on this board regarding the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx, so to make everything easy for people speculating about whether or not it's worth dropping the cash for one of these, here's a place for you to ask specific questions and get direct answers from those of...

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