peavey 6505

  1. redragon

    Peavey 6505 mh effects loop woes

    Yes, this is a cheap, made in China amp, but I like it and it suits my needs. However, when the effects loop is engaged using a footswitch, the guitar signal fades in and out or goes silent. All of the cables are tested as good. When the loop switch is not engaged the pedals all work fine...
  2. J

    Cab options for 6505 head in studio????

    Hey y’all. I been out of the game for a while, long while actually. But in the last year the bug has bitten me hard again and I started jamming around with a few guys and it’s coming together rather nicely. So we’ve booked some studio time to try to capture some of our best ideas. I’ve got a...
  3. Mprinsje

    Peavey 6505+ help, no sound

    Heyo, So my Peavey 6505+ head just crapped out in the middle of band practice. It does turn on and the tubes give light but there's no sound. There wasn't a weird noise when it crapped out, just silence, but it happened when I pressed the FX loop switch. I tried taking out the cables of the FX...
  4. Jobam-Martins

    Nick crow 8505 (Peavey 6505 simulation) - Test

    Hey guys,how are You? Today I tested the Nick crow 8505. Great amp simulation.I used NadIR for the cab and Mercuriall TSC 808 core boosting the drive. This guitar is a Dean ds91. Feel free to give me Your opinions. I like to practice mixing and mastering so I use these tests to learn with...
  5. Kokos

    Does my Peavey 6505 have a hiss/hum/noise issues?

    Hi there! I know high-gain amps can produce some noise, but just want to double-check.. is this completely normal? 220-230V amp version is connected to Harley Benton G212 Vintage (8 ohm). No guitar at all, amp powered directly from wall outlet. No remote switch or effects connected. Any idea...
  6. Annonnymous

    Peavey 6505mh + Zoom G3xn = Atrocious

    Guys. I recently bought a multi-fx unit Zoom g3xn and while it sounds great in my practice amp, when I plugged it in my Peavey 6505MH it sounded Atrocious! I'm sure the problem isn't in any of it, I just can't figure out what's happening and why it could possibly be like that. Let me try to...
  7. Sumsar

    EVH 5150 LBX vs PEAVEY 6505 Comparison (YTvid)

    Hi guys, I did a comparison between my EVH 5150 lbx, which is the 15 watt lunchbox amp that EVH does and my Peavey 6505. Same settings for EQ controls and same IR used, using the two notes captor to record both amps. I have broken my wrist, due to getting hit by a car while riding my bike, so...
  8. A

    Help with my 6505 tube screamer sonic maximizer setup, tone?

    So my rig consist of my guitar ltd ec1000 or mh350nt which both have an emg81 in the bridge which goes through my boss bcb-60 board input out the send to my boss tuner to my boss ns-2 out the send to my ibanez ts-9 back to the return in the ns-2 out the output to my dd-7 to the return on my...
  9. C

    Peavey 6505 tatic noise

    Now I no this asked before but my amp is making a static noise and I've gotten rid of it by putting a noise gate in the effects loop. I've heard of other 6505's being completely silent so why is mine so noisy and why do I need a noise gate in the effects loop? Do I need to replace the power...
  10. G

    ENGL E530 problem

    Hey guys I have bought an ENGL E530 and wanted to hook it up on my Peavey 6505 head. Now when I do so ( ENGL output to Peavey fx loop return ) I only get an acoustic sound kinda loud and i cant alter any sound with the ENGL or the peavey. Can somebody help me and let the ENGL do its high gain...
  11. C

    Why is each 5150/6505 different?

    I don't understand why each amp peavey 5150/6505 is different. My 6505 is super loud and needs a noise gate in the effects loop to keep it quiet, and other peoples Peavey dont need one. I don't understand why this is, someone tell me. I've seen plenty of bands live and some of them need noise...
  12. A

    Why does my amp make this noise?

    Why does my amp make this noise? - YouTube My half stack (Peavey 6505 & Marshall 1960a) makes a weird buzzing noise, I have been told to change my tubes. I was planning on changing them to winged c 6l6's to hopefully fix this BUZZ problem. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!! Thanks.
  13. H3ADLY

    Burning In White - Australia

    Hey guys! :wavey: Greetings from Australia! I've been a member for a while, utilizing the wealth of knowledge that is, but have never taken the time to actually post something! So I thought I'd introduce myself now and start contributing to the community. Hopefully I can use forum as...
  14. M

    What would it sound like if I put a tube screamer in front of my amt p2 pedal?

    I am curious to buy a tube screamer to boost my amt p2 preamp pedal... I don't wanna buy the ts and waste my money on it if its gonna sound like s***. tube screamer> Amt p2 drive out.> Amp Someone please help.
  15. Oske7

    Test mixes with a few different amps!

    I'm not too experienced with micing amps, but I just wanted to give this a shot and see how it would turn out! With that said, do you guys have any tips or things to work on for getting a better sound when recording actual amps? Amps: Kustom KGA10 (the 10watt I posted about a few days ago...
  16. SkullCrusher

    EVH 5153 50watt Volume question.

    Hey Chaps Im in the market for a new amplifier. A valve head with a max price of about £1000 Ive always liked the new EVH stuff but the new head is a bit to expensive for me and now the 50watt is about I thought id give of them a try. Although I had a first band rehearsal the other night...
  17. Whitechapelx

    Peavey VK - Voodoo Mod?

    Anyone every get their Valve King modded by Voodoo mods? I am thinking about getting this done- i want my VK to sound more like a 6505 (Better distortion-more bite). Please let me know it'd really help!
  18. L

    Peavey 6505 Guitar Amp Head w/ Brand NEW Mesa Tubes & Voodoo Amps Mod

    Checkout this killer amp, really a steal! Peavey 6505 Guitar Amp Head w Brand New Mesa Tubes Voodoo Amps Mod | eBay I love this amp, but its too loud for my house.
  19. Farfromtheedge

    Hello from So CA band THIS SINKING VESSEL

    Decided to make one of these to learn new stuff from people, promote my band & hear of new up and coming bands as well! So whats up fellow 7 string strummers? Whats your band? Some of your favorites? Ill introduce myself, my name is Austin, I've been playing guitar for about 6 years now, just...
  20. E

    Peavey 6505= best cab?

    hello guys, I recently purchased a Peavey 6505 but still waiting for money to come to buy a nice cab for it; any suggestions?